Thursday, April 19, 2012

40 To 40 Day 31: On Boredom and Airports

Picking up my foster mom and sister tonight from the airport prompted this post.

Life is difficult when you're 18-20 years old. You're an adult, but you are still under legal drinking age, so it's not like you can go clubbing unless you are at some all ages show. You're also pretty broke too. You could go to the mall, but that closes way before a teen is done hanging out with friends and staying up all night. Movies were an option, but there had to be something you wanted to see. Or see several times (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves anyone?) Though you still have the cost factor. So a group of us decided one night to just go hang out at the airport. It quickly became a favorite pasttime.

Some of the best nights were spent at the airport just doing.... nothing. You didn't need a ticket to go through security and hang at the gates, so we could go watch planes take off and land. We'd wander around aimlessly for hours people-watching. We'd page each other. We'd go to the top of the parking garage and play that silly "hot lava" game. There was even a moment of taking a wheelchair ride down the winding exit of the Terminal 3 parking garage. As Bret says "yeah we only did that once." Apparently you can go really fast. And the place NEVER CLOSES. Which was great on hot summer nights when there truly is nothing else open.

The airport became our special thing to do: Me, Bret, Katie, Andy, Rob, at times our friend Eric, Jayson... oh my goodness we were such hoodlums! Bret and I even went out to the airport one Christmas to exchange our gifts. That's the great place it was to us. Every time I head out there I always remember the good times we had.

What kinds of things did you do as young adults when you were bored?

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