Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Finally, the feeling hit.

I felt it for the first time today. Everyone was getting a little worried about me. Well, my husband was anyhow. For so many years the season began right at Thanksgiving. Friday was ALWAYS when, as my sister-in-law coined it many years ago, Christmas throws up in my home. Instead we were SO busy with other things, I didn't even kick him up into the attic until Saturday.

Then company didn't leave until Monday. Now, I LOVE having them, I really do. It just gets a little long at the end. You know, you just want your house and your life back. I feel for my sister when we go and visit, because it's the same thing. You can be the most hands-off houseguest on the planet, but the fact is you are -still- there. It's an energy thing.

Throw into the fact that being a woman sucks at least one time every month, and you sum up the beginning of the week for me. Monday I accomplished nothing. Tuesday I did a little better, but still just didn't feel it. I didn't even feel like editing, and I love to edit!

Today though, I caught up a bit. Halfway through my editing, and made another promo for the radio station. Then when the kids came home, I dusted off the boxes of ornaments in the garage and dragged them inside. Turned on the Christmas music, and - wow.

It just happened. That warm, fuzzy feeling watching the girls happily discover their ornaments and find places to put them on the tree, while I went through another couple of boxes and added holiday foliage throughout the house (I love wreaths, as wel as the greenery and the flowers of the season). It suddenly became colder here today as well, a wind with a bit of a nip in the air. I paused to watch my dear daughters actually getting along decorating the tree, and just smiled. We sang carols together, and naturally I took a couple photos.

I hung the mistletoe too... ;-)

NOW it's looking a lot more like Christmas.

Monday, November 06, 2006

VOTE Tomorrow!

Then tune in tomorrow night at 8pm MST to KQCX 99.1FM for election result coverage up until midnight! A lot of it will be AZ results, but if you'd like to shout out about your voting experience, or anything at all, give me a ring at (602)386-2828.

Also, check out this, and this : great information- so we can keep the election as on the level as possible!