Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40 To 40 Day 23: On All The Jobs I've Had

In order to the best of my memory:

* Babysitting
* Mesa Symphony
* Bagged groceries
* Grocery store deli
* String Quartet
* Telemarketer
* Librarian for the Lyric Opera Theater at ASU (work study)
* Back to bagging groceries
* Grocery store cashier
* Legal Assistant
* Mom
* Radio Host
* Freelance writing (just one article, but it counts!)
* Volunteeraholic

Best jobs were the ones associated with music, especially the Lyric Opera Theater. I had so much fun being in the pit for these performances, we always had a great time. Worst one was the telemarketing job. At least with this one people answered an ad, so I didn't have to cold call anyone.

How many jobs have you had over the course of your life?  What was the best and worst one?


spellwight said...

Ice cream truck
Midnight gas station attendant
Drug store liquor clerk
Air Force (Pentagon) Remote Site Computer Operator - classified
Library assistant - classified
PR assistant for Meals on Wheels
Desktop publishing - classified
Crossing guard & lunch cashier
Kindergarten Aide
Podcast producer

spellwight said...

Forgot the other half of the question!

Loved the computer-related jobs but there was always ONE person who made it miserable.

Hated the ice cream truck. Not only was the truck itself a PITA to drive, there was the poor kids crying when they didn't have enough money.

TheGeeksWife said...

-United Artist Movie Theater (everything but managerial and projection)
-Jungle Jim's Playland (party planner and ride opporator)
-Bath and Body Works (seasonal employee)
-Pocket Change Arcade
-Embassy Suites Timeshare (telemarketer/appt setter)
-Chompies Deli Cashier
-Nestlé Foods Inbound Customer Service Call Rep
-Proactiv Inbound Customer Service Call Rep
-Granada Primary Elementary School (Title 1 Teachers Aid)
-Western Environmental (Head Admin Assistant)
-Personal Assistant/Companion to an elderly gentleman who had Parkinson's (RIP Virgil - I miss you)
-Midway Nissan (currently the Assistant Internet Director)

That list is bigger than I realized. I had some terrible jobs.

When I was working at the movie theater I was accused of stealing $100 from my register. I was working the closing shift in concessions stand that night. We all closed out our registers and the manager took all the money to the office to count and put in the safe. A half hour later while we were all still cleaning up the manager came out and accused me of stealing in front of everyone. She proceeded to make me untuck my shirt, put my pockets inside out, pull up my pant legs, pull down my socks, take off my shoes, and then she patted me down still right there in front of everyone who thought it was funny. I sat down and started crying, cause she was still carrying on threatening to call the cops on me. After 5 mins back in the office she found the $100 bundle had slid behind the safe. Needless to say, I didn't work there long after that.

I got pregnant while working at Jungle Jim's while I was in high school. Most of the teenage employees were slackers so management treated us all like slackers. I got severely sick (was eventually hospitalized) and wanted to leave early one day. I was puking in their public restrooms that the guests also used, but they insisted that I call all my co-workers until someone agreed to come in and replace me. I'm a people pleaser, but even I know my limits. I walked out. I even tried to give them 2 weeks notice, but was hospitalized before I finished my 2 weeks.

Working at the elementary school opened my eyes to the level of political bullshit that happens in the school system. As an assistant with no degree and very minimal training, the teachers would have me pull small groups of students out, and I was responsible for coming up with my own lessen plans. I was paid a small hourly wage and had to come up with these plans on my own time. They had me working with these students in a drafty hallway and since it was small groups, I was in close proximity to these constantly sick 1st-3rd graders. I had a sinus infection every single month and was missing work because of it. I always had a Dr excusal, but I was fired for my absenteeism anyway. Best/Most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me.

Best job by far is the one I have now. Thanks to a boss who values me and trusts my work ethnics, I have the privilege of working between 25-40 hrs per work and can set my own schedule. I also enjoy the work I do and the people I work with. Few are as lucky as I.

Dani said...

You were busy ladies! Very glad we're doing what makes us happy now and that we are valued for what we bring!