Sunday, August 01, 2004

Random Things About ME

Decided to move this off the side bar... then just link to it.
Neatness counts, right? :-)

Random Things About Me
NicknameDani, Mom, Dope
BirthdayApril 28
Eye & Hair ColorBrown/ Brown, Gray, Red
Right or Left-HandedLeft
Single or MarriedMarried
Weaknesscoffee and intelligent men
Fearscoffee and intelligent men
Most Overused Phrase in Instant MessengerLMAO!
First thought waking upcoffee and intelligent men
Bedtimesomewhere between 11pm-3am
Own a Gunabsolutely not
Most Missed Memorylong drives going nowhere me and hubby used to take while dating
Cappuccino or Coffeeyes
Chocolate or Vanillammmm...vanilla
Swear-erI have $2,000 in quarters in swear jar
Been In Lovemmmm... love
Motion Sicknessdefinitely
Think You're attractivewell I'm not ugly
Play an instrumentviola
Been Drunkpurple nurple!
Been called a teasewouldn't YOU like to know... ;)
How do you want to dieold and painlessly
What do you want to be when you grow upI'll get back to you
Country you would most like to visitItaly (Tuscany)
Number of CD's owneda whole lot less now thanks to iPod
Piercings (and how many)4 (wouldn't YOU like to know...) ;)
Tattoos (and how many)not yet
Ever Been Hospitalizedyes- three times
Do You have ADDsome would call it that
Currently in CD playernada- but I've been on an acoustic kick lately
Favorite Christmas SongLittle Drummer Boy/Do You Hear What I Hear?
exerciseuh, sure... hey does typing count?
Liberal or ConservativePinko
Secret weapon to lure opposite (or same) sexmy mouth (do with that what you will)
Five Things you regularly drinkCoffee, Tea, Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, Water,
What's under your bedPillows, secret lover
Current Worrythat he'll escape
Current Loveteeheee...
Current Hatecurrent administration
Favorite Place to beEast Coast
Least Favorite Place to beDentist
Favorite ColorsPurples
Where Do You Want to LiveEast Coast
Number of pillows you sleep with3
What were you doing at 12am last nightWatching Sex In The City and playing on Internet
What will you be doing in 10 yearshopefully watching older daughter graduate high school
Burn or TanBurn then tan
Do You want to be a pirateNo but I would like to be pirate wench
TV's in home3
Computers in home2 and lap top
Children in home4 (two daughters, husband, dog)
What do you driveRed Honda Minivan
Get along with parentsyes all 36 of them
Favorite SeasonWinter
Dogs or catsDogs
Last person you yelled atunfortunately my children.. :-(
Are you paranoidand neurotic...
Do You Believe in Godyes
Do You Believe in Astrologyyes
Do You Believe in Yourselfworking on it
Movie star you would make out withEwan McGregor
Favorite Smellvanilla
Disney or Looney TunesEh... what do you think doc?
Talker or listenerListener
Lead or FollowSupporter
What actor would you want to be you in a movieSandra Bullock
Favorite room in your homeLiving room away from tv
What's your sign, babyTaurus
Your moon is inScorpio
Do you know what that meanstoo well
How many friends do you have that you consider close5
How many are from the internet3
How many internet friends have you met in person4
Favorite band from the 80'sDuran Duran
Current job/careerSAHM, WAHM, WHEW!
want to change it?yes... and no
how many hobbies5 I think
favorite onethe third one
One thing you are most self-conscious aboutmy gray hair
Do you trust American newsnope
Do you trust your governmentdouble nope
Optimist or PessimistI float
Believe in Global WarmingYes


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