Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thoughts I had while walking 2 miles in the Phoenix heat

It's no secret I am not a fan of warm weather. Anything over 70 degrees and I get grumbly. During the summer I avoid the outdoors as much as possible. I won't even go swimming- who wants to be outside in lukewarm water when you can be inside in nice, cool air-conditioning?

Creative Commons photo by Greg Burkett

Today however, I didn't feel like driving to the gym for my workout, so decided to brave the sun and take a walk so I could at least get some exercise in. It was 100 degrees. Here are some of the random thoughts I had while taking this short, 2.41 mile walk.

- Well, it doesn't feel that bad in the shade. And I'm only walking so how much worse could it get?
- (5min. in) Ok, it is warm.
- This street needs more shade trees.
- That was a long half mile.
- My water is warm already.
- Hey, that's the drink cart for the golf course, I wish I had some money. Maybe she will give me a ride.
- I do believe she is mocking me as she drives by.
- It's pretty warm now.
- It's only been a mile? Come on now, Ruth rode 21 miles yesterday and she loved it. Suck it up.
- You would think in a place with sun 360 days out of the year there would be more shade.
- It's rather hard to breathe right now.
- You know, if water is the issue cities could just fund shade partitions along the sidewalks. One time cost, no upkeep, and shade all along the sidewalk.
- I'm going to write my town about this.
- If I run home, I'll get there faster.
- My fingers are really swollen, they look like sausages.
- There was an episode of Teletubbies that had a song about fingers and sausages, wasn't there? I should look that up when I get home.
- There aren't even birds out here. Birds are smarter than I am. 
- Home. I wish home were closer.
- Oh, it's only a quarter mile away!
- My foot is numb, maybe I should stop and shake it out.
- SHAKE IT OUT, SHAKE IT OUT! (apologies to Taylor Swift for the wrong lyric)
- I could still run home.
- Why do I live here? If I were in Seattle I could walk during this time of day and not feel as if water is evaporating before it hits my tongue.
- Do souls dehydrate? I feel my soul withering away.
- This is not being bad ass. It is being dumb ass.
- Home. That was SO worth not wasting 30 minutes to drive to the gym and back.
- I really need to get a treadmill.