Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wanting For Less

I used to look around our house and want. Want another bedroom. Want a garage that can fit one more car. Want a master bedroom with a sitting area. Want more places to put stuff. Now, we've purged a lot. We've made room to be comfortable with the space we have (and if you know where I live, you know it's plenty of space!) Sure, we can always do more purging of stuff (it's amazing how junk suddenly appears!), and sometimes I give in to needless wants, we all do. But I no longer feel like I should have more. That I need more. When I do find myself thinking I need something now, I can assess that need and quickly realize that I don't need it. I want it. Then the feeling of need usually goes away.

My biggest want nowadays is less. I want less. The best part is, wanting less is the easiest and probably the least expensive thing you can give yourself! The benefits outweigh anything you could get from material wants. I don't think I could live in a house as tiny as in this post (perhaps if it was just me, but not a family of 4), but I do look back to our first house in Chandler and think... why did I want more? Why did we think we needed more? Of course I can only speak for myself. I know Bret likes the fact that with wanting less I BUY less, I don't think he would agree with me about our home. Which is fine, we're different people and have different ways of looking at things. We find our balance.

Unless you're starving or truly struggling to make ends meet, if you want more, you probably have too much.