Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Flickr On Facebook

No real reason for this post. Messing around with Facebook, clicked on my flickr photo page, and liked the photos that came up. Thought it was a nice collection showing a wide range of my life.

Saying Goodbye
Crazy gals pt.2Even MORE Rock BandMoon Rise Over GilbertVideo: Beginning of Protest in Mesa (Video)Blow 'em out, lady

Walking to the old condoGood wishes for the houseEvo and BrentWomen in Podcasting PanelShelly (Shelly's podcast) and Les (Zaldor's World)

Yep, Looks That Way
Before PictureDSCF3816Tucker Tales at the Couplecasters MeetupBlow 'em out, ladyOne happy dog

Friday, January 16, 2009

5 Things Whenever The Heck I Want! Pt. 4

Haven't done one of these in awhile. Actually, there have been several posts I've wanted to make. It's been a long month, but a good one overall. Just busy. So I'll get to the other stuff, but for now this 5 things is adjectives about where you live, courtesy of the wonderful Jen Tucker.

So it’s all about describing where you live. This can be your state, city/town, or actual living space. If you play along, please try and keep to one word answers. Feel free to put (state) (city/town) or (living space) after each answer so we know what you’re specifically describing.

Where I Live: Gilbert, AZ

1. Hot (state)
2. white (town)
3. conservative (town)
4. comfortable (living space)
5. religious (town)