Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Podcamp AZ Time Again! Yippeeee!

You all know I love this social media stuff. Connecting. Networking. Seeing how I can make all the new ways to communicate (that seem to pop up daily) relevant to me, and incorporating it in real life situations, as well as with my own podcast and radio show. This is where an un-conference like Podcamp AZ comes in. The 4th annual Podcamp is coming to the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe on November 20th and 21st!

4 years of this and it only gets bigger and better- that's what she said!!

"Un-Conference?" Podcamp? What the heck is that?" you may ask. Basically, it's for anyone who is interested in new media (podcasting, blogging, or video blogging for example), and would like to learn more about it and see how to make it relevant in their life. The un-conference part comes in because you don't just go and sit listening to others tell us what they know about new media. YOU are as much of a part of Podcamp as anyone. No one is deemed an expert, although we all have different levels of knowledge about new media and its relevance. Which makes it perfect for anyone to attend, since we all contribute and we all learn something new.

If you want to know more (and if you're surfing around on the internet then I bet you might be), head over to Podcamp AZ's awesome website at http://podcampaz.org to get all the information you need. Find out more about what podcamp is, why Arizona is becoming a bigger new media hub every year, and even see some of the speakers lined up. Then go ahead and register- it's TOTALLY FREE. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Although we do still need some sponsors, so check out the sponsor page and pass it around if you think you know of any sponsors. Podcamp AZ is entirely run by volunteers and sponsors, which makes it everyone's conference. One big happy geeky family!

Register now for Podcamp AZ 2010!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Too much too soon?

Your Training for 09/20/2010 - 09/26/2010

View Training Log Workout
Miles: 15.29 Comments: 2
Time: 05:30 Motivations: 0
Calories: 2530 Among Friends: 5
Workouts: 7 Overall Position: 8607

This past week was hard. First I still had that nagging head cold hanging over me, combined with a very horrible diet over the weekend at a friend's Birthday party. Honestly, one night of excess turned into a three-day carb binge! So by the time Tuesday came around and it was time to do a Key Run, I was nearly three pounds heavier and feeling AWFUL. So here it is:

Tuesday Kimber and I were trying a different gym, and their treadmills didn't want to cooperate. So we decided to mix is up and do the second run first, which was 5 miles at a medium tempo. As I said, it was awful. I actually found myself thinking like a binge drinker- "I'll never EVER eat that way again- EVER, if you just get me through this run." Of course I know it's bullshit, because I love food too much. Still, I really should start focusing on my diet more. I have been hovering between 139-141 lbs.* since Pat's Run in freakin' April, and I'm really tired of carrying the extra weight. Just 10lbs more I want to drop, that's all. I really think that would help me be a little faster, if I had a little less to drag around.

Thursday was the sprint day- and it went pretty well actually. I was all ready feeling better by taking in more veggies and less icky carbs like white pasta, so I was off to a great start! It was REALLY rough when I had to do the 1200m sprint- holy cow I needed to sprint for 3/4 of a mile?? I'm just not ready for that 10 minute mile yet. I kept going though, hoping it would get easier on the way down (800, then 600, then 400)- but NO. Life isn't any easier going downhill either, apparently.

Friday I was so thankful for an off day, because on Wednesday I had done some core work with my legs, and they were all ready sore going into the sprints. I was walking around pretty stiff that day. Must have looked hysterical.

Sunday was the long run, which was only 5 miles. I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday, and she was worried I was going to hurt my knees taking on so much more running without doing it gradually. I basically doubled my miles in a week. She said the sudden repetition could hurt me mid-training. So I hit the Google and did a little research on beginning marathon training. Turns out she does have a point. So I am trying to tweak the schedule a bit and come up with a happy medium. I love doing sprints and pushing myself, so I think those will stay. I'll just take my time getting up to running 9, 10, 12 miles. I've got 16 weeks, that's plenty of time. If I can run 10 miles, then I can surely run 13.

I also realized I was sicker than I thought (or was just ignoring), because I ended up with a fever of 100 degrees and nausea the rest of the afternoon. I guess you can't outrun sick!

This week things get a little more crazy:

Key Run #1: 6, 800m sprints with a 90 second rest interval
Key Run #2: 2 miles easy pace, then 3 miles at short tempo, then 1 mile easy

Key Run #3: Well, it SAYS 10 miles, but I think I'll go for 6 again. Easy relaxed run.

Diet- really going to try and watch the diet! Let's get running!

*No, I'm not one of those women who keeps their weight to themselves. I definitely know I'm overweight, others who see me know it, so why bother being secretive about it? Knowing my weight and being open about it could help motivate me. Or just give you an excuse to point and laugh next time you see me. Either way, whatever! I'm still running!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ever Try To Outrun A Head Cold?

Week one I am happy to report was a big success! I killed all kinds of personal bests. Here's my Daily Mile Weekly Report:

Your Training for 09/13/2010 - 09/19/2010

View Training Log Workout
Miles: 21.07 Comments: 0
Time: 06:41 Motivations: 1
Calories: 3153 Among Friends: 3
Workouts: 7 Overall Position: 6484

Seriously, I ran 21 miles last week? Praise Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and Ra*! Let me tell you, it was not just a effortless jog in the park. Well, maybe one of the runs was, but I still passed distances I have never ran before, so that's a big win in my book!

Tuesday was my first big sprint day- 12 of them. I was actually nervous, and itching to get moving. I had butterflies in my stomach like I did before Pat's Run. Isn't that strange? I was that excited to get started! Kimber (my training bud) thought (as usual) that I was crazy. That was my first surprise this week- I was able to hold my sprints for a 1/4 mile without having to slow down, and even sped up the treadmill for several of them because I didn't feel like I was pushing hard enough. However, by the 8th or 9th sprint I noticed something weird- I had stopped sweating and was feeling more chilly. I most likely would have not thought anything of it if just a few days before I hadn't read this awesome post from the Almost Barefoot** blog. So when I upped my water intake a bit on those last few sprints I felt a lot better and could push through them. It ended up being around 5 miles.

Thursday was a more even tempo, and I ran 6 miles that day, which again I had never done before. The catch here was I could feel the beginnings of a head cold coming on, and I did my best to ignore it. The lozenges actually helped keep my throat from getting dry, which might be a good idea sick or not when I'm running longer distances. I also did stop several times to stretch my lower back out. Overall, good run and I still felt really good afterward.

Until Friday. Head cold was starting to get worse, I had been coughing quite a bit overnight so there was a lack of good sleep, and the medicine I took to rest made me jittery rather than sleepy. So other than my chiropractor appointment, I took it easy. By that night I was feeling worlds better, which is good because....

Saturday was the long easy run. 8 miles! I calculated my half-marathon pace based on the only other race I had been in, Pat's Run. I ran that in an 11:45 average. So half-marathon pace is a bit slower than that, around 12 min. miles. This 8 mile run was another 20 seconds ON TOP OF THAT, so I was really just taking it easy. Had a bumpy start though, the stomach was not cooperating at first. But after I got those issues out of the way, it went really smoothly.

Until about mile 6. That's when my knees decided to let me know they were there, and they were getting tired of all the movement. Stupid knees. It never got to the point where I couldn't finish, but I definitely had ice on them later, and all day Sunday. I did realize that my knee pain meant that I was starting to slouch a bit. When I straightened my back and held my head up higher it took some of the pressure off. It's all about the posture!

It was an accomplished week, and although I am still working through this head cold, it's not going to stop me from week two of training, which consists of:

First Run: Warm up, then 7 sprints at 400m, 600, 800, 1200, then back down to 400.
Second Run: 5 mile run at Medium Tempo
Third Run: 9 miles at Half-marathon pace +2o seconds

I think eventually my base pace of 11:45 will change. I'm taking into account that I only have one race under my belt and 5 months of training before that. I've definitely become stronger and faster since then. Should be another good week!

*Please forgive me if I missed your own personal deity.
**Even if you are not a barefoot runner, this is a great blog to subscribe to!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Addiction Makes You Crazy!

It's been a long summer!

After Pat's Run I slowed down a bit, though I did manage to keep running fairly consistently. It wasn't enough though- I haven't been pushing myself to go further. Using Daily Mile is great and motivating, but still not enough. The only way I can really push myself is with another race fix. I need to train for something specific. The 10k I was looking at fell through due to a daughter's volleyball schedule, but then I started seeing people talking about something even better...

So here it is. Most of you who are friends of mine over on the Almighty Facebook know this all ready, but I've taken the plunge and decided to run a half-marathon in January. 13.1 freakin' miles, baby! Screw you 10k- I'm doing double, and then some! A lot of people think I'm a bit tweaked, and maybe I am, but I don't care. I love this stuff. The ultimate goal is a full marathon when I turn 40 (2012), so this is just another step on the ladder.

I start training tomorrow, and I'm going to use the FIRST half-marathon training program. A couple of my running friends said it was too complicated, but I like it that way. It forces me to focus, and brings on a challenge. I won't push myself otherwise. Here's what is in store for me the first week (running each Tuesday, Thursday, and one day on the weekend):

First run: Warm up, then 12 400m sprints, with a 90 second rest in-between, cool down
Second: 2 miles easy, 3 miles slow tempo, 1 mile easy
Third: 8 miles at your half-marathon pace plus 20 seconds.

I did Pat's Run at just under a 12 minute mile, and it's all I have to go on as a pace (they suggest base pace as your best 5k). So that's where I'll start, and work my way up from there.

Yep, totally complicated. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Addicted? Definitely.

I don't care- bring it.

I want to blog my progress, but want to keep it interesting (thank you, Tyler!) So if you want every smelly, painful detail of the training, follow Daily Mile. It also goes to Facebook. As I begin each new week of training, I will recap and let you know what the training mark is for the coming week. For me, it lets me journal my own feelings about the progress I'm making (or not making).

You can join me wherever you'd like online, but if you're in AZ this January, you should join me en route! I hear it's a great time!

Let's go!