Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm so gay!

For today, as the slogan goes I'm "batting for the other team". But you know, that saying doesn't really work. We shouldn't be known as teams. Teams divide. Us vs. them.

It shouldn't be a battle to have equality. Things should just be equal.

Yeah, I know... it looks so damn easy on digital paper.

I've said my piece about the right for everyone to choose if they want to marry or not. Actually, I've written about it twice.

It will happen. In a way, Prop 8 in California and Prop 102 here in AZ passing were a blessing. It's having a backlash. A backlash that has no choice but to end up in the top court some day.

Some day soon, I believe. Because taking away someone's freedom to make a personal choice simply because they have a lifestyle you don't agree with isn't cool. Not at all.

I'd never try and take away your right to worship something I think is a made up entity. Because I am not affected by your personal choice and right to do so.

Well, until silly props like this are passed.... THEN it affects me and others.

So for today, I kiss girls on the mouth and I like it!

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Steven said...

You're good people.