Tuesday, December 30, 2008

7 things about me that have nothing to do with podcasting or radio

Well dammit Debbie! This won't be easy. My life is pretty much an open book for anyone to Google. Here goes anyway...

1. I met my husband when I was 14, at an Orchestra/Choir Regionals weekend at Camelback High School in Phoenix. There was no place to sit on the bus, and he was alone in the seat. Without asking, I sat in the seat, leaned back against him and asked if the seat was taken. After that morning we were inseparable the entire weekend (other than rehearsals and the performance of course), and I *begged* my parents to let me take the bus home rather than going home with them so I could spend more time with him. By that Monday we were ditching class to see each other (we ditched a lot of classes). Minus about two years, we've been together ever since, getting married in 1993.

2. Speaking of orchestra, I play the viola. Well, played the viola. I chose the viola because the popular instruments were the violin and cello. Started the normal grade school time in 4th grade, and it was soon discovered I had a talent. In 6th grade I was in a state competition and won in my division. My sophomore year in HS I played in the Mesa Symphony, and received a paycheck. I earned a full music scholarship to ASU, majored in Music Therapy, which I pissed away the first year after realizing I didn't enjoy actually working and studying music. I just wanted to play!
Now, I play at my kids' school in their Peace Garden. When the kids are older and I have more freedom to be away I'd like to play in a group again. I miss it a lot.

3. I lived in an apartment when I was a sophomore in HS, and the complex burned down. We lost everything we owned. Tempe HS (where I went to school) learned about this and started a fund so me and my family could get new clothes, etc. Many donations, and there was also a fund to help me buy a new viola, which is the one I still have today. It was the first (but not the last) time I learned about the goodness in people.

4. My Junior year in HS, I became a Ward of the State, and lived in a shelter for a few months. A friend of mine at school heard about what I was going through and told her parents, who decided to take me in and become my foster family. Thus began the wackiest family tree ever. To this day they are all still in my life, and mean as much to me as if I had been with them since birth. There is also no need to keep my foster family separate from my "natural" family. Everyone seems to get along great! No, this did not happen overnight, but I feel very lucky to have the crazy family tree that I do.

5. I am not a geek, but I have a lot of geek friends. Sci-fi is just about the most boring genre on the planet. Well, unless there is a lot of horror involved. Blood and guts and losing limbs and what-have-you. The only sci-fi I really like is Firefly (yes just like you Debbie!). When all my friends are going to Baliticon or Dragoncon, I always want to go because they will be there, but I can't justify it because it's a geeky sci-fi Con.

6. Most of the time I feel like a social media outcast. See, all the people I like hanging out with are really into social media, and do some form of it for a living, and they go to these meetup and drink beer and have a good time. Or they get together at gangplank and have a great time. When I go, I always feel a little awkward. What do I like to talk about? Politics. Really, not much else. And everyone else I know? They don't want to talk politics. Or they don't like politics, which I truly do NOT understand at all! Therefore, most of the time I just sit there listening to all the other conversations feeling like I should just keep my mouth shut. No one will want to hear what I want to talk about anyway. This is really why I podcast, because if nothing else I can talk to myself. I always listen to what I have to say.

7. I hate the typical mom stuff. Now, do not translate this to mean I hate being a mom. I love being a mom, and I love my daughters more than anyone would know (and you other moms know how much that is!) But even as babies, I really was never into the whole mom thing. Playgroups were always weird because moms would rather talk poop than politics (I know- what's the diff?), I have zero patience so crafts in any form are out. I enjoy doing Girl Scouts, but that is because I'm incorporating the volunteer work that I've been wanting to do, and hopefully teaching a bit of that to the girls in the troop. School vacations frighten me because I value my alone time. I get tons of time with them, and 24/7 during a long weekend or two weeks at Christmas just makes me nuts. Then I feel guilty because I feel like I shouldn't be feeling that way, and that there is something wrong with me for not being more maternal and giving it all times 10 to my kids. Yeah, guilt is a big thing with me.

So there it is. Maybe you knew these things, maybe you didn't. Here are the rules:

I’m supposed to post the rules, so here they are:

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And I just can’t wait for these 7 individuals to tell all about themselves.

Um... most of the people I would tag have been tagged all ready.

-PC Haring

Ok 5 was all I could come up with. I don't care, I'm not one who believes in rules anyway.

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Dani in NC said...

I can identify with several of your items.

5. Like you, I enjoy the company of sci-fi geeks even though I am not much of one myself. In my case, my husband and I enjoy watching certain shows like "Stargate: Atlantis" or "Doctor Who" but we don't take it to the next level. We have no desire to read fanfic, listen to fan podcasts, or engage in cosplay. We don't buy any merchandise, not even DVDs.

6. I get what you are saying about the politics thing. Count me as one with very little interest in that subject (sorry!) but I'm passionate about other subjects that no one around me knows or cares about.

7. I don't like a lot of mom stuff, either, but I think I'm a little worse than you. I actually don't care for babies very much. I enjoyed my kids much more once they became toddlers. I don't enjoy talking much about motherhood, either. My husband picks up my slack in that area, though. He is always the one to ask about everyone's pregnancies and hold the babies when they are born. He is such a girl :-).