Thursday, December 04, 2008

Buyer Be(A)ware: The Linens-n-Things Price Sticker Scam

Cross-posting from over on my AZ Central blog:

Linens-n-Things, as most people know by now, is going out of business. The one closest to me is on Power Rd and Ray, just off the 202. It's close enough so I have been able to check in periodically and watch the prices drop on certain things I have my eye on. I would like to get them at the most "reasonable" price before they close their doors for good. It's been great for stocking up on certain things I usually splurge on, like Yankee Candles.

However, I noticed today as I was rummaging around, checking the price change on some storage items, that the prices weren't really dropping all that much, even though the percentage went from 10% off to now 40% off. Recently Good Morning America did an investigation on how Linens-n-Things has been raising their prices and putting more expensive price stickers over their cheaper ones. Sure enough, when I pulled back the label, I noticed that one of the wall organizers I have been eyeing was $20 more than it was 2 weeks ago.

I took some video clips, because the camera took fuzzy still photos:

Now, I know this isn't a new thing. This is what stores do no matter the sale. What cracks me up is how sloppy they are about it, because most people won't think twice about it. They see the 40-60% off sticker and think they are getting a deal. There are no anti-price gouging laws in Arizona, and I am not looking to have anyone stopped. What's the point? They will be gone in a month.

What I hope to do is make sure people are aware, and if you're looking around at Linens-n-Things, LOOK AT THE TAG CLOSELY. I know for me, I'd rather get my 40% off the cheapest price tag I see. Wouldn't you?

Check those tags, and demand your discount be applied to the cheapest price. Pass the word on to others you know who are always looking for a good deal. Sometimes it really is too good to be true.

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