Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Ghost Town

The road to Goldfield Mining town. It was an unexpectedly beautiful day, thanks to the rain we had most of the night. Big, puffy clouds in the sky, and the open road before us. On our way to a fun tourist trap, give my aunt the city girl a taste of the old west.

The girls have been there before, the last time we had relatives of mine visit. Seems the perfect place to take city folk! Here you can horseback ride, take train tours of the mines, and see "re-enactments' of gun battles. We just walked the small town. Lots of interesting SW art. Sam didn't really like the gun battle. Poor girl, just too loud. Ally asked me a couple times if the guys were really dead. I had to reassure her (at least until the end when they all got up) that there were no bullets in the guns, even with the sparks that came out. The reality of youth is astonishing.

The sole man with us, my endearing (enduring? LOL!) husband. What a trooper. We never have to worry about his relatives visiting, they are all here in Arizona!

It might have been the fresh, cooler air, but I enjoyed myself. Or maybe I just like a good gun battle now and then...

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