Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dani Does Disney- Day 1


This is state law in California apparently, to have these signs posted. I saw them everywhere. And on that note...

The best things to wake up to on your birthday are the sounds of your children yelling "Happy Birthday!!" and jumping in your bed.

Sex is also a good thing to wake up to on your birthday. Since we are all cooped up in a hotel room together, I accepted the first choice. ;-)

So, cards opened, gift opened (yea I got my IPOD!) everyone got ready for the more important thing at hand- Disney's California Adventure. Basically an addition to Disneyland, right across the way. My phone did ring and beep all day with people wanting to wish me well. You know, you never want to make a big deal out of your birthday, but always love it when someone remembers.

The moment we stepped off the shuttle from our hotel, and over the threshold, the faces of my children were stuck in permanent smiles. It was kind of like they had been injected by a drug. That drug was all the delightfully happy disney tunes being blasted from speakers all over the park. Hell even I started to feel good- it was a bit surreal.

The CA Adventure park features all the newer disney movies. The themes of the park were along those lines- Bugs Life, incredible, things like that. The kids were timid at first to go on anything. We left the first ride we tried without getting on. Then Sam saw a ride where they were flying through the air, and decided to try.

That is my girl. Ally went to a slow ride first, always careful at first until she has her bearings. But Sam (who is the younger one!)- no way! We will jump off that cliff, parachute optional.

After that, there was no stopping them. Sam just hit the 42' mark for alot of the rides, so she was able to do more than we thought she would be allowed to. What really surprised me was Allison. She is usually spooked pretty easily, yet she needed to go on the " Hollywood Tower Hotel" ride. It's based on the Twilight Zone episode. You see it from parts of the park looming in the distance. As you get closer, you look up to the sky, see windows open, then the people in the ride suddenly do a major drop, with screams of terror all the way down. My baby wanted to ride THAT?

I found out later that her friend at school told her to, and NOT to chicken out. HA- peer pressure at work. Allison couldn't return and say she failed. Sam and I sat and rested while Ally and Bret went on the ride. So I people watched. I like people watching, I make up stories about them in my head. Though people watching at a theme park gets old very quickly. Everyone has the same look. No one was frowning. Everyone was smiling, laughing, happy. Oy, you're saturated in it here.

Tomorrow we go to the other side. I am leaving them early to meet up with my sister. She got tickets to see a taping of "Real Time with Bill Maher". I'm VERY excited about this. I will need a bit of political rant to snap me out of the happy funk I am in!

I haven't had any moments to sit & contemplate turning another year older. Tonight, however, I am too brain dead to really do so. I may need to wait for my trip in May to find the time to worry about myself.

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