Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Day One Finished

What a day. After a late start, 100 miles out of our way to visit a friend of Bret's (I'll get back to that), and 100 back down, we made it to our hotel. I got the kids ready for bed while Bret lugged everything up to our room. Of course, they are way too wound up to sleep, the poor things. They cannot wait to get started- Bret set the alarm for 8 but I imagine we will be woken up by two eager girls WAY before then! Bret looks like something out of a zombie movie. I did do a leg of the driving, but he did and will probably do most of it this trip.

I, of course, am ok. Just filling in my thoughts & will probably start my new book and listen to some music to calm me a bit before I go to sleep.

Back to our detour. Bret's childhood friend, Charlie, and his wife, Elana, live in Palmdale, CA. That is about 100 miles north of Anaheim. In December they brought not one but two beautiful preemies into the world. Bret has been watching their story unfold on their website, but that hasn't been nearly satisfying enough for him. Charlie grew up on Maui (not a bad place to grow up!), and Bret spent several summers there with him. One of those summers was while we were dating back in '86, so I've always known Charlie too. Although I never met him in person until after Bret and I were married.

So, when Bret asked if I minded going out of the way to see them, what was I going to say? LOL

these girls are 6 months now. When they were born they were 3 lbs, now up to 10. We met the red-headed Annaleise first. True to the old sayings about red-heads, she is quite the spitfire. She has a cry that screamed "If I knew how to walk I would be SO outta here!" Even with my best baby moves (both mine were overly fussy) she would never quite give in to me.

Parker, on the other hand, was sitting quietly chilling with her mom the whole time, looking at her sister and me as if to say, "You see what I have to put up with? She always hogged the womb too."

My girls absolutely loved the babies, but as soon as Anna started to scream they quickly disappeared to find the cats.

So we had dinner, caught up a bit, but it was over too soon. We needed to get to our hotel, and they needed to finish packing for a trip they were about to take. But you could see the joy on my husband's face. The man took pictures like they were his own children! The detour was definitely worth it.

The drive down was quiet, and we arrived to the nightly fireworks display at Disneyland. The kids thoroughly enjoyed watching from the highway (OK Mom too). What a welcome! And to think some get that treatment every night!

Now, in the course of my writing, the kids have settled, my husband has crashed, and I will go and read. Ponder a bit about my birthday tomorrow, which is (gratefully) shadowed by the seduction of Disney.

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