Friday, April 29, 2005

Dani Does Disney- Day 2

The kids were a bit more worn out today. Sam especially was grumpy, fighting us on every decision we made. She started to perk up a bit when we got on that first ride. I admit I was tired and grumpy too. I also knew I had to leave early, so I felt rushed all day so I could get to the hotel in time to change before my sister picked me up.

Now I am sitting here, in the second row on the set of "Real Time with Bill Maher". I tell you, I don't know how Jenn scored these tickets, but they are awesome! I am here with her, her boyfriend Omar, and his brother Tariq. Both are from Kuwait, so it has been interesting chatting with them. Especially Omar, he is in the Navy. I also found a group of people who have a worse Starbucks addiction than I do. :-)

Omar VERY against the whole Iraq fiasco, and we compared book titles and I certainly told him about my network. Tariq and I talked alot about racial profiling. Now, Tariq is 28, Arab, speaks it fluently, and is covered in tattoos. He deals with ALOT of profiling.

It was a good show. Martin Short was a guest. He talked to good old Jeff Gannon via satellite. His rant at the end about Repubs and Dems was excellent, I will have to find it and post it on my network. Honestly, though, the show would have been more enjoyable watching from home. Less camera stuff going on.

I suppose day 2 was only half a disney for me. But that was ok. I still had one more day to get through.

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