Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dani Does Disney- Day 3

Ouch. If anyone is wondering how long to make their family vacation at Disney, my advice would definitely be 2 days. Samantha must have had a meltdown every hour on the hour. Her limit had been reached. Allison was just tired, but was feeling her independence today. She did alot of rides alone, and was perfectly content in doing so. She found her comfort zone, as she always does, then has a blast. What also helped is having the kids Godfather, Rob, with us for the day. He drove up last night, stayed with us in our room, then we all hit the park together this morning. So there was a new person for the kids to go on rides with. Which meant I could sit down alot more- YEA!

I think my mood was hampered from an insomnia attack the night before. Which completely sucks when you have 4 others in the same room with you. I didn't want to turn on a light, so I couldn't read or write. No computer. Just the dark and my racing mind. Never a good combo. On top of it all was the teens in the next room screaming and yelling along with the ones down in the pool just under our window (God I sound OLD.... shoot me). I think the last time I looked at the clock it said 3:30am. Hell my HUSBAND went out and got me coffee in the morning, that is saying something.

As I said it was nice to have the kids distracted by the extra person. Sam was so tired she wanted to sit alot, so it worked out perfectly. Even Rob and Bret broke away to play for awhile. After that we had lunch, and I got my birthday cake and a song. The waitress also got a very good tip, yelling to the other patrons that I was celebrating my 21st birthday. Teeheeee....

By the end of the day, however, we knew we would not make it past dusk at the park. So, with promises of taking the kids to the pool, we left good old Disney for the last time.

We kept our promise and we all were able to relax in the hot tub for a bit. It even relaxed Sam for a bit. She made the comment that the water felt good on her legs. Poor thing, her legs were sore too. Once we got her ready for bed, she went comatose the moment her head hit the pillow.

So as I sit here now, Bret Bret packing up what he can while trying to remain quiet, I smile. He had such a good time with his girls (myself included). I just love watching him with them. Especially when he acts just as goofy as they do walking around the park, and on the rides. The kid in him cam to the surface briefly, the Bret I fell in love with. I knew he was still in there somewhere, and it was nice to see him again.

Yes, it was a good trip, yet it is also a good feeling to return home. That's how you know you've been away long enough, when you have that balance.

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