Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thelma & Louise Day 2

Yeah yeah I'm a little late...

The sun decided to show it's face the next day. It was an absolutely fabulous morning. Luckily, we didn't see it from a jail cell! It was a rough morning, we had massages in the spa. But we suffered through... then ruined the effects with an off-road jeep tour of ancient indian ruins.

It was interesting though. You have all these ruins that are still intact and up to 7,000 years old, Archaeic. Then as you go up, you get into the 2-3,000 year range. Yavapai and Hopi. THEN, you see the graffiti written from 1800's and 1900's. I took picture from one that was dated 2-28-25. Some call it graffiti, and some call it history.

Of course, what made it all worthwhile was Julie hiking around in a nice skirt and top!
When we returned, we hunted for somewhere to eat. Found a GREAT diner that was totally 50's and 60's retro. But had a low-carb menu! LMAO!

Later that afternoon we headed back down to the valley. My youngest daughter was SOOOO happy we were coming home. That is such a great feeling, to be missed by those you love. :-)

We never did get around to watching the theme movie. We decided that our trip together was SO much better, that there was no need.

But if Brad Pitt had shown up, well....

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