Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So what age DOES a child go on a sleep-over?

Because my 4 3/4-year-old did last night! I believe Bret had a harder time with it than I did. I mean, hell it was only next door. She had a GREAT time, and stayed most of the next day to boot.

I was only concerned about Allison. She took the fact that her younger sister was having a sleep-over before her pretty hard. I mean, naturally that is something the older sibling does first, right? Even she knew the normal protocol.

Not to say we didn't try, which is the irony of this whole ordeal. We invite one of her friends over to stay the night here. HER parents are wary, they had never done the sleep-over thing before. Well neither have we! Oy...

Oh the lessons these kids have to learn, and will continue to learn! But hey, without my little one home I actually got to sleep in until 9AM. Now THAT is a luxury Mamacutler doesn't get very often... :-)

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