Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Blindness of my Country

Today I read the headline, and I can do is laugh. Wolfowitz is nominated by Bush for the World Bank Presidency.

Well, DUH! We get Bolton as ambassador to the UN, and now this. Sometimes I wonder if it's better to live in a cloud of denial. There really isn't anything we can do to stop this, is there?

We had an excellent opportunity with the election, which of course didn't happen. American's don't want to face the reality of what our government is trying to do. Global domination under the guise of "Democracy".

Canada looks better and better every day. I would like to spare my children as much hypocrisy and deceit as possible.

Here is good article about it:

I mentioned on my Truth Seekers network that Bush and Cheney are Pinky and the Brain. Dave should get a kick out of that.

It's so crazy it actually makes sense. Blah.

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