Friday, March 25, 2005

Meeting Julie

Two women who had never seen each other in person before, trying to find each other in an airport terminal. Comical really. I'm waiting at the security entrance, she is in baggage claim.

My phone rings. "Where are you?"

"I couldn't get in baggage claim, at security entrance."

"What are you wearing so I don't walk right by you?"

I tell her, and wait some more. I love watching people meet up at the airport. One moment in time where everyone is happy to see someone. Or relieved. Or comforted. It's really kind of beautiful. Even if you start arguing on the ride home, you still had that moment.

Phone rings again.

"OK, I walked outside baggage claim and now I am in front of ticket counter."

"You went right around me! Don't move, I'm walking towards the front."

So, on our cell phones we found each other. As soon as I started walking down the ramp I saw the blonde hair of my California friend. We start laughing at the fact we are staring at each other while talking on the cell phones...

Both of us sleep-deprived, it was a very loopy day. But oh so wonderful to be with my dear friend in person! And the kids- OMG they took to her instantly. Even my younger one, who is normally so shy, was playing and joking around with her in no time. They pretended to be 'silent eggs' and 'mute spiders'. My older one showed off the tape of her spring performance. They tried to convince her to watch the Spongebob movie, but it just wasn't happening.

They will break her on that one, that I am sure of. :-)

So tomorrow, the adventure begins. Off to the red rocks and tranquility of Sedona. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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