Saturday, March 26, 2005

Thelma & Louise Day 1

7:00 am- twenty minutes of snooze alarm then I finally roll out of bed to get kids off to school.

8:00 am- hug my kids a little tighter than usual while sending them on their way, since I won't be seeing them until Saturday night! Allison told me that she didn't want me to go because she wanted to have more time with JULIE- oh I feel the love!

9:00 am- we finally decide to get ready to leave... and Julie blows a circuit while drying her hair... yeesh.

11:00am- WooHOO! Hitting the open road....

11:15am- fuck. Traffic.

11:45am- will this ever let up?

12:00pm- Julie starts point pointing out phallic rock formations...

12:00pm- wooHOO! NOW we're hitting the open road... and drove right into a pretty good rain storm while going up through the mountains. It was a beautiful drive. Because of all the rain, everything was green and wildflowers were blooming. Then when you looked off into the distance you had the low clouds and fog between the mountains. Then patches of sun. Absolutely stunning.

Driving music: The Black Keys, Blondie, Beatles (Revolver)

1:30pm- arrive at hotel. Notice armored car in front of hotel. Hmmm.... opportunities are all ready falling into our laps.

1:45pm- I stake out armored car while Julie goes to make appointments for us at the spa.

2:00pm- Wild shopping spree!!! Whereabouts of armored car unknown.

3:30pm- Wild driving spree... yet another rainstorm hits, this time with HAIL! What is up with that? Doesn't the universe know we want to use the pool?

5:00pm- We lost 'em. Time to go back to hotel and have dinner.

7:00pm- NO rain in sight, we take opportunity to go in hot tub... ahhhhhhh..... and we were entertained by two very cute twins, who kept coming to the hot tub, then running over to the pool and jumping in. Over and over. We think they were trying to impress us. Too bad they were 9, or else we might have shown more interest...

7:45pm- Julie asks me if I remembered to call my kids. OH SHIT! How's that for Mother of the year? I hightail it back since silly me left my cell phone in the room.

8:30pm- of course, as good addicts do, we check our email. :-)

Later, we tried to watch our Theme Movie. Every ten minutes it kept crapping out, so that was that. So now we're going out to look for some action...

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