Sunday, June 19, 2005

Seeing It Again For The First Time

The time had finally come. While at a good friend's home last week, my girls saw a glimpse of "Star Wars, Episode 3" (of course I will not divulge how they got the copy, or who they are. Big Brother is watching, don'tcha know?). They were SO into it, and asking SO many questions, I figured it was now time to introduce them to the movies that of course Bret and I were brought up with. Since they survived the ending of the most recent movie, they would be just fine with the 1977 one. Besides, they both have spent several hours co-piloting their father during his 2 Star Wars video games.

So for our weekly family night, the movie was "A New Hope". I have never remembered it being so much fun to watch! I know the reason for this was watching it with them. They gasped at the opening scene where Vader first enters. They continued to gasp at every twist and turn and surprise. They thought Leia was SO pretty, and kicked butt when she had a blaster in her hands. They both tried to speak like a Wookie. There was a loud "YAY!" when the Death Star exploded (by all four of us).

I was grinning through the whole thing. I remember being just as captivated by the movie the first time I saw it. I reminded them that we had 5 more of them to see. They couldn't wait. So the next day we watched "Empire". My older daughter kept asking if Luke was going to die. That got a bit old after the 5,000th time, so I told her yes. She got the hint. ;-) She also made the connection that Vader is Luke's father, though I think she figured it out from watching 15 minutes of Episode 3. She said it was because Luke was cute, and that Vader was cute before he became Vader. Ah, that's my girl. Making the important connections. :-))

My younger daughter didn't grasp everything the same way, but of course that will come in time. She did pick up more than I expected however. She commented at the end of Empire (after the Falcon escaped), that "someone was going to get choked over this.."- OMG I laughed so hard!

And so, a new generation of Star Wars begins in my family. And why wouldn't it? Any child of the 70's knows that Star Wars is a staple- like food or water. Not raising your children with the Star Wars movies is like not giving them air. :-)

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