Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Morality and Social Responsibility

More thoughts from one of my favorite independent thinkers! (And I am not just saying that because he loves my sister-in-law... :-) )

I'm not a Democrat. But I am part blowhard, part fragile flower, part nutbag, and part reverend (from the back or Rolling Stone Magazine circa 1970).
And I am a Liberal/Progressive/Whatever - all, of course, depending on your/my definition. I believe in "Morality" and the idea of it's polymorphous permutations. I believe in Social Responsibility. And I believe that any superior society should have the heart - and does have the wherewithal - to take care of those that can't take care of themselves. It's all about morals and whether you have them or not..

It is very disheartening to me that the only way that some people can relate moral behavior in this morally-confused country/world is through religion. And my big problem with that is: If the only reason you are being "moral" or ethical is because you want to have your seat saved in heaven - then you aren't, by what I understand of "gods" design, being ethical or moral at all. How can someone "love" his neighbor and not actually be moral? I dunno. I guess that depends on how someone defines the morality of "love."

If someone acts "moral" only because he feels that if he does not, that he will be forever sentenced to hades - then I don't think he is being truly moral. Is Morality the belief in doing the right thing..? Or is it doing, or not doing, the specific thing that will award you a place in the golden hereafter..? Or is that being an ethics whore? - prostituting your behavior to an institution and their beliefs.

Do these "moral' people think they can trick or fool their god? Is this certain god, that these vapid people believe in, so stupid or short sighted that he/she doesn't see the depth of who we are? - as shallow as that might be in some people.

Obviously the idea of "Morality" is tricky business. But it seems to me that "Morality" must include the golden rule, and the basic freedom to believe whatever you might want to believe, and do whatever you might want to do, as long as none of this hurts anyone. Of course this is where it gets tricky. I like to wear my Spider-Man T-Shirt and speedos around the house, even when it's cold - some may find that immoral... certainly tasteless.

I hear from friends that say they hate discussing Politics. Personally, I am disgusted by the tenets of what we call Politics... but I also know that it's the process used in this world, by which a lot of the important things get accomplished... so I persevere.

Lately I've watched these new Republicans pompously and arrogantly lie, using more lies about their morals to justify their actions. And I've watched their followers come up with every excuse they can to justify following these ideologues. I've watched the Democrats snivel and whine with their tail between their legs... and come up with their own excuses for being cowards.

Most of us are not Polititions. We're just people. And we are all being manipulated by a cadre of supreme manipulators, including a copiously complicit media. And to persevere, we absolutely need to be/get involved. This is a place to start. If you think you're a moral person... then be one.


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