Thursday, June 09, 2005

19 More Things

More things to think about... this time from a friend safe in the Canadian hills...

Lucky him.

Since George Bush has become president, please ask yourself this if you support his presidency.

1. Has there been more scandal or less in his term? Compared to previous presidents. (Whether you agree or not)
2. Has there been more Americans dead or less?
3. Has the American people's freedoms grown or diminished under his leadership?
4. Have the richest gotten richer? Have the poor gotten poorer?
5. Are their more jobs than before?
6. Has he lead the way in protecting the environment from business interests?
7. Has he brought Americans together more, or has his leadership divided the country?
8. Are the elderly treated better or worse? Do they have better access to prescription drugs and better health care?
9. Are the poor given more opportunity through government programs to retrain and rebuild?
10. Has their been more personal and corporate financial debt or ruin, or has their been less?
11. Is America's persona on the World Stage better or worse?
12. Has Bin Laden been captured? (The staple of his campaign)
13. Is Iraq truly at peace and settled?
14. Has terrorism around the world become a bigger business or less?
15. Have the borders and relations with Canada and Mexico better or worsened?
16. Has America become more welcoming or more insular?
17. Has he been a more open or closed president to media scrutiny?
18. Has Bush been a more honest President or less?
19. Has Bush and his government taken responsibility for mistakes, or made excuses?

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Dave said...

Hi Roberta, my name's Dave. I'm just surfing through random blogs, found yours today and want to say, nice site. I enjoy finding blogs where people actually write stuff rather than links to some business (refinancing, herbal supplements, etc.) or they start them and go weeks or months without posting.

Plus I also agree, Bush has been bad for the USA! (and the rest of the world.)