Monday, May 16, 2005

Tired Girl in the City

I think the initial excitement is starting to wear off. I am having a tough time moving today. My aunt poked her head in the room at 7 to wake me, on her way out to work, but I didn't move until 8. Good thing I don't have a scheduled time to be at the convention. But even stretching took a big effort, and all I wanted to do while meditating was fall back asleep. I still have that cough too, which really is the only thing left of this cold. The most annoying part.

Yesterday was opening day at the convention. Holy crap is that convention center HUGE! I walk in, and realized that I am definitely in the right business. Aisles and aisles of cards, stationary, ribbon, scrapbooking supplies, as well as gifts and trinkets to go along with all of it. So I wiped the drool off my face and jumped right in.

After two hours I realized I had not covered even an eighth of this convention, and after 30 more minutes I knew it was time to go when everything started looking the same. After all, I had 4 days of this. Pace yourself girl!

So today I'm just about ready to hit it again. Strange, getting up, dressing in nicer clothes, putting on make up each day. I miss my kids. Last night on the phone I could tell they were getting a little more accustomed to my absence. They were distracted talking to me, and I felt a little sad. Miss me dammit! My husband's comment to me was "Of course I miss you, but I have the bed to myself!" Oh I feel the love... heheheh.

Tonight I will take the Ferry over to Staten Island, and see my dad and his wife. YEA! I'm excited to see him- both of them. Especially the first thing he always says to me when he does see me when I visit-

"Welcome home baby." :-)

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