Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My work here is done... time to play!

Convention over. Today was pretty much a bust. Picked up MORE things for the girls, but most of the booths were closing down so not much going on. And I was tired... didn't even get out the door until almost 11. Then by 2 I was pretty much done, and just wanted to go back and rest before meeting my dad for dinner. I did get a picture of the street I walked down each day, with my great view of the Empire State building. But that is a future blog entry.

So I met my Daddy for dinner. I just love my dad. I like to think that he and I have a good relationship. He's just so laid back. And we just drive, and talk about whatever, or don't talk at all. We drove out to Sheephead's Bay (it's in Brooklyn near Coney Island) and had dinner. Seafood just tastes better near the water, rather than in AZ.

So we get back, I say my goodbyes to my Dad, and go upstairs to see my Aunt and Uncle for a bit. My Aunt says to me, "So you have a new brother-in-law, huh?"

I look at her like she is insane. "What are you talking about?" Katie has been married for almost 9 years now, and Jenn just got enga-

My aunt saw the light go on above my head. "Haven't you checked your email?"

Crap. The ONE time I don't check my email, I get something important. I ran downstairs and checked it. Well, what do you know. Pictures and everything. I had just met Omar when we were in CA two weeks ago. Oy... leave it to my sister to spice things up a bit. :-)

So, tomorrow is my play day. For once I don't have to carry my heavy bag all over with me! Going to pretend I'm rich and hit the shops on 5th avenue. Ok, just window shop, but still... then lunch with my Aunt Roberta, and then the Met Museum of Art. It will be so great to parooze at my own pace! Plus I really want to see the Max Ernst exhibit. He is amazing. And Chanel, for the small smigen of Diva in me... ;-)

But I am now itching to get back to my kids. It is now to the point where they don't hardly say anything to me on the phone. Tonight they happened to be looking at a scrapbook album that I put together. Samantha cried into the phone "there are more pictures of Allison than of me!!!!" So then I'm crying... aahhhh! My huband just sounded tired.

"I'm ready for you to come home." He sighed.

Awww... the poor man wants to sleep in Saturday. :-)

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