Saturday, May 14, 2005

OMG I'm Carrie Bradshaw!

OK.... not really. Actually not even close. I mean, Carrie would never wear tennis shoes. But I did think of the character from "Sex in the City" as I walked by the D&G store this afternoon.

After falling asleep just before midnight, I awoke feeling fairly decent at 7:30. It actually surprised me, considering it's 4:30 back home. I stretched, meditated, and took a LONG hot shower. Today after spending the morning catching up with my Aunt Roberta and the family upstairs, I ventured out into the city to meet a friend of mine from high school. She is actually the sister of our friend Rob, the girls godfather, whom you met in the Disneyland blog entries. She and I graduated the same year however, and only really saw each other when we would see him. We were laughing because we graduated 15 years ago (ouch) and this was the first time we actually hung out. So we did what any rational girl would do in NYC- we went shopping. Though we went and got some lunch first.

Speaking of eating, this cold is still killing me. I now have no appetite. Which normally I would sickly be happy about so I could drop a few pounds. But DAMN, I'm in NY! I tried to eat a bagel this morning and couldn't even eat half. Then we go to lunch and I pick at my food. I'm in a city with 8,000 different types of food to eat, and I'm not hungry. Well, at least with all the walking I'm doing I should drop about 15 pounds this week. YEA!

Anyway, we eat and laugh and catch up, then head back downtown to Soho for our shopping adventure. She wanted to hit the Apple store (yes her NOT me)as well as just show me around. Oh the joy! The sweet joy of over priced clothing! (And if Bret is reading- I behaved myself... somewhat. ;-) ) Picked up a few things for the girls, but mostly just enjoyed the company and being able to walk through these stores at my leisure. It would be too crazy with kids, and well with husband... he would have been like all the other men I saw as we paroozed. Sitting on benches in the store, looking bored and waiting.

So, we got our fill, and I was starting to tire out and feel a bit achy, so we grabbed a drink in a little cafe (no NOT a Starbucks!), and then I headed back. She invited me to dinner with her and her girlfriends she was meeting, but I just felt so worn. Darn this cold! On the way home I mused about my husband a bit. I had never really ventured out on my own when we had visited NY in the past. I was always with him, and he was the map guy. He figured out how to get where we were going, and I followed. It felt kinda nice to do it on my own for a change. Which to some would sound strange, but now and then it's nice to remember that you are a separate person as well as part of a team. :-)

So tomorrow the reason I am here begins, the big convention. Which a friend joked, "If it's a stationary convention, shouldn't you stay where you are?" Yuk-yuk-yuk.

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