Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Podcamp AZ Time Again! Yippeeee!

You all know I love this social media stuff. Connecting. Networking. Seeing how I can make all the new ways to communicate (that seem to pop up daily) relevant to me, and incorporating it in real life situations, as well as with my own podcast and radio show. This is where an un-conference like Podcamp AZ comes in. The 4th annual Podcamp is coming to the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe on November 20th and 21st!

4 years of this and it only gets bigger and better- that's what she said!!

"Un-Conference?" Podcamp? What the heck is that?" you may ask. Basically, it's for anyone who is interested in new media (podcasting, blogging, or video blogging for example), and would like to learn more about it and see how to make it relevant in their life. The un-conference part comes in because you don't just go and sit listening to others tell us what they know about new media. YOU are as much of a part of Podcamp as anyone. No one is deemed an expert, although we all have different levels of knowledge about new media and its relevance. Which makes it perfect for anyone to attend, since we all contribute and we all learn something new.

If you want to know more (and if you're surfing around on the internet then I bet you might be), head over to Podcamp AZ's awesome website at http://podcampaz.org to get all the information you need. Find out more about what podcamp is, why Arizona is becoming a bigger new media hub every year, and even see some of the speakers lined up. Then go ahead and register- it's TOTALLY FREE. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Although we do still need some sponsors, so check out the sponsor page and pass it around if you think you know of any sponsors. Podcamp AZ is entirely run by volunteers and sponsors, which makes it everyone's conference. One big happy geeky family!

Register now for Podcamp AZ 2010!

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