Monday, September 27, 2010

Too much too soon?

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This past week was hard. First I still had that nagging head cold hanging over me, combined with a very horrible diet over the weekend at a friend's Birthday party. Honestly, one night of excess turned into a three-day carb binge! So by the time Tuesday came around and it was time to do a Key Run, I was nearly three pounds heavier and feeling AWFUL. So here it is:

Tuesday Kimber and I were trying a different gym, and their treadmills didn't want to cooperate. So we decided to mix is up and do the second run first, which was 5 miles at a medium tempo. As I said, it was awful. I actually found myself thinking like a binge drinker- "I'll never EVER eat that way again- EVER, if you just get me through this run." Of course I know it's bullshit, because I love food too much. Still, I really should start focusing on my diet more. I have been hovering between 139-141 lbs.* since Pat's Run in freakin' April, and I'm really tired of carrying the extra weight. Just 10lbs more I want to drop, that's all. I really think that would help me be a little faster, if I had a little less to drag around.

Thursday was the sprint day- and it went pretty well actually. I was all ready feeling better by taking in more veggies and less icky carbs like white pasta, so I was off to a great start! It was REALLY rough when I had to do the 1200m sprint- holy cow I needed to sprint for 3/4 of a mile?? I'm just not ready for that 10 minute mile yet. I kept going though, hoping it would get easier on the way down (800, then 600, then 400)- but NO. Life isn't any easier going downhill either, apparently.

Friday I was so thankful for an off day, because on Wednesday I had done some core work with my legs, and they were all ready sore going into the sprints. I was walking around pretty stiff that day. Must have looked hysterical.

Sunday was the long run, which was only 5 miles. I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday, and she was worried I was going to hurt my knees taking on so much more running without doing it gradually. I basically doubled my miles in a week. She said the sudden repetition could hurt me mid-training. So I hit the Google and did a little research on beginning marathon training. Turns out she does have a point. So I am trying to tweak the schedule a bit and come up with a happy medium. I love doing sprints and pushing myself, so I think those will stay. I'll just take my time getting up to running 9, 10, 12 miles. I've got 16 weeks, that's plenty of time. If I can run 10 miles, then I can surely run 13.

I also realized I was sicker than I thought (or was just ignoring), because I ended up with a fever of 100 degrees and nausea the rest of the afternoon. I guess you can't outrun sick!

This week things get a little more crazy:

Key Run #1: 6, 800m sprints with a 90 second rest interval
Key Run #2: 2 miles easy pace, then 3 miles at short tempo, then 1 mile easy

Key Run #3: Well, it SAYS 10 miles, but I think I'll go for 6 again. Easy relaxed run.

Diet- really going to try and watch the diet! Let's get running!

*No, I'm not one of those women who keeps their weight to themselves. I definitely know I'm overweight, others who see me know it, so why bother being secretive about it? Knowing my weight and being open about it could help motivate me. Or just give you an excuse to point and laugh next time you see me. Either way, whatever! I'm still running!


Tyler Hurst said...

You seem like you're running WAY too much so early in training. Way, way too much.

Dani said...

I go back and forth on if I'm running too much. Since April I was averaging 8-10 miles a week. I just bumped it up to 15. I did change my last run of each week and made it a lot shorter. I noticed later on in the training it wanted me to run 15 miles! So I tweaked it a bit. I figure as long as I listen to my body, and stop/run less when I need to, I'll be ok.