Monday, September 13, 2010

Addiction Makes You Crazy!

It's been a long summer!

After Pat's Run I slowed down a bit, though I did manage to keep running fairly consistently. It wasn't enough though- I haven't been pushing myself to go further. Using Daily Mile is great and motivating, but still not enough. The only way I can really push myself is with another race fix. I need to train for something specific. The 10k I was looking at fell through due to a daughter's volleyball schedule, but then I started seeing people talking about something even better...

So here it is. Most of you who are friends of mine over on the Almighty Facebook know this all ready, but I've taken the plunge and decided to run a half-marathon in January. 13.1 freakin' miles, baby! Screw you 10k- I'm doing double, and then some! A lot of people think I'm a bit tweaked, and maybe I am, but I don't care. I love this stuff. The ultimate goal is a full marathon when I turn 40 (2012), so this is just another step on the ladder.

I start training tomorrow, and I'm going to use the FIRST half-marathon training program. A couple of my running friends said it was too complicated, but I like it that way. It forces me to focus, and brings on a challenge. I won't push myself otherwise. Here's what is in store for me the first week (running each Tuesday, Thursday, and one day on the weekend):

First run: Warm up, then 12 400m sprints, with a 90 second rest in-between, cool down
Second: 2 miles easy, 3 miles slow tempo, 1 mile easy
Third: 8 miles at your half-marathon pace plus 20 seconds.

I did Pat's Run at just under a 12 minute mile, and it's all I have to go on as a pace (they suggest base pace as your best 5k). So that's where I'll start, and work my way up from there.

Yep, totally complicated. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Addicted? Definitely.

I don't care- bring it.

I want to blog my progress, but want to keep it interesting (thank you, Tyler!) So if you want every smelly, painful detail of the training, follow Daily Mile. It also goes to Facebook. As I begin each new week of training, I will recap and let you know what the training mark is for the coming week. For me, it lets me journal my own feelings about the progress I'm making (or not making).

You can join me wherever you'd like online, but if you're in AZ this January, you should join me en route! I hear it's a great time!

Let's go!


Jennifer Navarrete said...

Yep, you're taking the plunge. Jackie and I have been doing 1/2 Marathons here and there since our first in 2004 at the Phoenix Rock-n-Roll. It's addicting and so darn much fun. We use these as an excuse to travel. Making it a family adventure.

You're going to love it.

Tyler Hurst said...

Woohoo! Congrats. Did my first half almost two years ago, now I'm staring at my fourth half and my first full in the next four months.

Crazy addicting.

Melodee said...

You run...I will pray!Hehehe! Seriously...good luck with the training. One of the reasons I am having this surgery is so that I can begin some sort of exercise program. I am cheering you on...I can soooo see you doing the New York Marathon! WooHoo!!!!!!!