Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Love To Hate Sprinting!

Week three of training is eating my dust!

Miles: 22.54 Comments: 9
Time: 06:15 Motivations: 1
Calories: 2804 Among Friends: 2
Workouts: 7 Overall Position: 5424

Sprints last week were still pretty difficult. I'm getting a better understanding of why this program plans them the way they do. It's more mental training than anything. Knowing I had 6 sprints each a half mile- that is hard on the brain. Kimber will tell you I'm all ready really hard on myself- harder than I should be. Slowing down feels like failure, stopping mid-sprint feels like failure. I had to do both during these sprints. Longer rests in-between helped, and I was able to finish strong, but I wasn't happy. And I should be!

The second run of the week showed me that these sprints are really helping increase my cardio, because running longer distances is definitely getting easier to do. Short tempo pace still is a workout (around 11:30 for me), but I still feel really good running.

Same with the third run on Sunday. That is also a mental game. Slow and relaxed is the pace. To me that's even more difficult than the sprints. Sure, it's easy to run as fast as you can for a short period of time, but maintaining a slow pace for 5 or 6 miles? It's pretty boring. On the treadmill at least I have music and the occasional eye candy walking by to keep me entertained. I think running outside will prove to be more difficult because I'm not sure if I'll want the iPod or not while running. Arizona drivers are pretty inconsiderate, but in Gilbert? The WORST.

If this cooler weather sticks I will definitely want to start doing some the longer runs outside. The body should get used to it before it has to run 13.1 miles outside. The treadmill is awesome for pace-training however.

So, on to this week!

Key Run #1: Sprints starting at 1200m and down to 200m, with 200m rest intervals.
Key Run #2: 5 miles at mid-tempo
Key Run #3 (my new long run schedule): 6 miles half-marathon pace +20 sec.

I am also not pushing the long run. Sunday when I wanted to do 7 miles, I made it to just under 6 and decided to stop. I really have no reason to push it this early in the game.

Happy Running!

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