Monday, August 06, 2007

TS34: Continuing to Cover Up The Truth

A cover-up that continues to be un-covered, the death (murder?) of Pat Tillman. Consider this a continuation of episode 26. But first, plenty of headlines, feedback, and trip-happy music for you.

-JC Hutchins likes Geek-chicka Commies.
-Podcast Pickle Reviews for Riches Contest
-Hey I'm number 19 in the Pickle 100! That's insane!
-One week left!
-Headlines from Democracy Now
-Background music: "Midnight Blue Odyssey"
-Barely wants his money back
-He also thinks I shouldn't give Congress so much credit. (and he's right!)
-This poll tells you why
-Only 20%, Steve?
-How can you be both pessimistic and optimistic? Is that considered 'flip-flopping'?
-An Australian finds the show by accident
-TS33 Thread on Podcast Pickle proved mildly entertaining- mildly.
-Taking a break with "7th Son Project: Alpha"
-The Pat Tillman cover-up continues
- Editor and Publisher article
-AZ Republic Article 1
-AZ Republic Article 2
-One more hit from TWiG: "Blackened"
(all music this episode brought to you by TWiG- thank you!)

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