Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scheduled To Die For Not Killing Anyone

From Democracy Now last Thursday:

Three weeks from today, a 30-year-old African American man on death row in Texas is scheduled to be executed. Kenneth Foster was sentenced to death ten years ago for the murder of Michael LaHood, a white man. The trial judge, the prosecutor, and the jury that sentenced him to die admit he never killed anyone. Foster is scheduled to be executed under a controversial Texan law known as the law of parties. The law imposes the death penalty on anybody involved in a crime where a murder occurred. In Foster's case he was driving a car with three passengers, one of whom left the car, got into an altercation and shot LaHood dead. We broadcast a rare interview of Kenneth Foster from death row and speak to his family in Texas as well a journalist who has closely followed his case.

On Tuesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied death row prisoner Kenneth Foster's final appeal. In a six-to-three decision the appeals court denied Foster's final writ of habeas corpus. Foster's last recourse is the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and Texas Governor Rick Perry. According to Foster's criminal attorney, Keith Hampton, five of the seven board members must recommend clemency in order for Governor Perry to consider granting it. Kenneth Foster's scheduled execution date is August 30th.

Definitely a good episode of this show to listen to. I can't think of a single reason this man should be put to death. All because of a stupid ass-backward law.

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spaguyswife said...

Being from Canada (or just plain uninformed)this is the first that I have heard of this story. I cannot wrap my head around what portion of this makes any sense whatsoever. A jury has admitted he never killed anyone, but happened to have the misfortune to be in the same car as someone who did? This is one of the most ridiculous and tragic things I have ever heard. How do members of the court, who voted against his appeal sleep at night?