Tuesday, August 07, 2007

International Blog Against Racism Week

Yeah, I feel like the last to know- and I'm a day late! This is the second year for IBARW, and I'm going to start off my posting with a list of excellent resources to learn more. (Click the subject line for more information.)

I'm also going to re-post some things I've blogged about in the past about racism, along with a few personal views on the topic. Things I've come to understand about my place based on my skin color. Some things I obviously can't change, but raising my awareness, as well as the awareness of those who might listen and read. It is one of the most important things I think I can do to contribute to society.

Anyway, take some time if you can. Now, what I read:

The Angry Black Woman
Black Agenda Report
The Field Negro
The Free Slave
Tim Wise
Too Sense
Why Am I Not Surprised?

All of these places also have some excellent link lists, should you wish to go further.

So, let's get started!

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