Thursday, August 02, 2007


Passing on the meme from a friend, who got it from here.

~I can share a utensil with anyone (you know, like 'take a bite of mine' sort of thing), even people I hardly know, but I can't share one with my husband. Same with straws.

~Any sort of change, even minor, throws off my entire day. Adjustment is a slow process with me.

~I'm claustrophobic, but it only kicks in when in crowds. I have big space issues.

~I feel guilt about pretty much everything I do. Or don't do.

~I'd rather talk to someone online than on the phone or face-to-face.

~Most of the time I feel overwhelmed, and I don't really have anything I'm doing.

~every time I fly, I go through the whole flight thinking I'm going to die.

~If a podcast doesn't have good show notes, with good links, then I automatically assume your show isn't very good. I can't even bring myself to listen.

~the only reason I really travel to the Podcast Expo is to get a weekend away from home. The networking is just a side thing for me.

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