Monday, August 13, 2007

A good day of nothing

Just a quick YAY post.

Well, it started out with me getting rather freaked with my stupid "stalker". No, I realize he's not really a stalker. However, he did decide to start harassing me personally on his little show, then followed me over to my message board to further cause me grief. Which really, I never should have even let him in, in the first place. But as my dear friend Dave will tell you- that is what I do. Give people chances. I'm just an optimist at heart, I suppose. It all ready bit me in the ass too- as I've all ready had to delete his sexist ways from a thread.

So I noticed that he wrote a review of my podcast on the Podcast Pickle website, and (duh) it wasn't a good one. I would never expect it to be a good one- but I got a giggle that he took the time, and made a comment about it on another place I network socially. About 10 minutes later I get a message from him on the pickle saying he was told by someone I referred to him as "stalker", and what that meant. So, I promptly blocked him from contacting me there.

Then I spent the next two hours changing my preferences to friends only and weeding through requests for people to follow my messages. In that, I think I found the culprit. But I was SO annoyed that I actually had to cut myself off from the public somewhere on the internet- I've NEVER felt the need to do that before.

Anyway, so as I was doing that, two neat-o things happened. The first was from a fellow podcaster inviting me to be part of a panel about women in podcasting at this year's Podcast and New Media Expo. I didn't even know there was going to be a panel! (which will be Friday at noon, over at the LA Podcaster's booth on the expo floor.) So there are two panels I'm going to be a part of now that weekend, this one along with the Political Roundtable I'm hosting. Then my dear BTF Tabz asked me to put together an audio about listening to a podcast (the basic how and where). Which is pretty much done since I've done one in the past, so YAY!

It definitely cheered me today-a small boost of validation. Not to mention my kiddos going back to school! We ALL needed them to go back, kids included! So what could have turned bad, ended up being a pretty good day.

Tomorrow, I actually DO something though... hehe I got my day of serenity.

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