Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How many legos does it take to build the world?

Have I mentioned I wish Bret had brought his laptop? At least I could blog this stuff directly then. Seriously, my handwriting it total crap. Who knows WHAT this will say when I transcribe it over. That's how awful it is. Doctors have better handwriting than I do.

I certainly understand why he wouldn't bring it along. With a new round of layoffs coming this week, he'd be checking his email for sure. And if there is bad news, why ruin your vacation? Poor man, he's under so much stress. I'm doing my best to keep the family end non-stressful, but we all know how lousy at that I am. :-(

Anyway, so here I sit, with the kids watching "Ice Age" and trying to settle for the night. Don't you love how kids get more hyper when they are tired? You just want to hit them over the head with a mallet, I swear.

So today was Legoland. Uh, woohoo. The best way to describe legoland is Disneyland on Prozac. And that is exactly what I liked about it. Basically it is set up for the toddler-13 or 14-year-old crowd. Slower rides. No freaking happy music blaring subliminal messages into your head making you want to buy things. It was actually a relaxing theme park experience. I didn't even go on many rides, because they are set up for kids to go on alone for the most part.

A serene day at a theme park? Whodathunkit. We did get a bit singed though. It was overcast for much of the morning, but the sun came out later in the day. We of course forgot sunscreen. You'd think people from Arizona would know better!

We met up with Jenn and Omar for dinner. TJ is still out in Ohio with his Dad for the summer, unfortunately they got hit by the flooding going on there. The girls very much enjoyed seeing their Aunt, even briefly. I hope they get to know Omar better. Heck I want to get to know Omar better! He's a wonderful man. Just so quiet!

We also got to see our friend Tasha, who I've known for like- EVER. Ever since youth symphony in Jr. High School. Damn. That's like 20 years! I was pregnant with Allison at her wedding. Very, VERY pregnant. Honestly, I wore this yellow dress, and looked like a huge, fat pineapple thing. But, I digress...

So the last time I saw Tasha was her baby shower, when Katie and I left the kids with our respective Bret(t)s and met up there. Tonight, we got to meet her now 20-month-old twin boys, Axel and Karl. (Can you tell there is a strong Norwegian line in the family?) Oh were they CUTE. Cute, well-behaved boys in a restaurant. Hope they stay that way. :-)

We got back to the hotel, and took a dip in the pool for a bit. Well, I stuck to the hot tub. The kids don't care about a cold pool, but BRRR! I'm spoiled by bath-water temp pools... none of this 70 degree crap!

All in all a nice day. Started catching up on my podcasts too. Finished the last three chapters of 7th Son. God what a great book. He's an amazing writer, as well as an amazing promoter. One thing I need to do when I get home is finally make a promo for my Truth Seekers podcast. I made one for 7th son, and that's kind of what I want, but not custom made for a single podcast. A general one. (btw, it's played in chapter 25 if anyone's interested. ;-) ) I also listened to my buddy (and now friend) Ajay's All Axis Radio. I love love LOVE his podcast. He's another one I'm using to try and improve on mine. So, I want to promote like JC Hutchins and mix a podcast like Ajay. OMG- I do use men! LMAO!

I should be able to listen to more things tomorrow I hope- cause it's beach day! Yay!

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