Sunday, August 06, 2006

A day at the San Diego zoo... in photos

We start with Monkeys... and end with a pretty flower I noticed along the way. I'm glad the dew showed up- because the only flowers we see here are wilted and brown and dead.

It was nice having the mist in the air while walking around, I didn't really feel like spending another day in the sun. The universe was looking out for me. We drove home after that, and made it home about 7ish. I really am amazed at what an easy trek it is! Sandi was of course happy to see us, but Chris (our neighbor) took good care of her while we were gone.

The next day I was thrown right back into the fray with a podcast meeting with two of my favorite Canadians. I do enjoy talking with them both, and am always humbled and honored that they have so much faith in me and what I do for them. Honestly, I am just enjoying myself, and learning as I go along. But I must be doing something right, as they are professionals and if I weren't I bet they would have axed me long ago! I just hope they don't forget me when they are rich and famous. Honestly though, I just enjoy, and have enjoyed watching from behind the scenes as their company has grown in just a year's time. I hope they are as proud of it as I am of them! Then we set up a time to do an interview the following day for a new production they are releasing. (Hint: If you're a Firefly fan, oh you are SO gonna love this!)

Saturday, everything sort of hit me from the trip. I did the interview, and was not happy with my end of it. I was just OUT of it. They even noticed, which is bad. But I think I perked up enough to fake it well enough. Then the rest of the day I did a little posting on my TS network, and layed around. I mean, I was barely off the couch the whole day, I was so drained. I guess the days of walking around and not sleeping in my own bed finally caught up with me.

Anyway, this is the last week of summer vacation!! WooHOO! You know what that means....


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