Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beach Bums

I will miss the smell in the air. That salty, ocean smell. Rob says he doesn't really notice it any more, but I just love it. I am probably just happy that for a few blessed days I wasn't breathing dust.

Today hands down was my favorite day of the trip, and we haven't even gotten to tomorrow yet. Rob took us to Coronado Beach for the day. Well, really it turned out to be about 4 hours. Now I've spent time on the beach before. But this was the girls' first time. Bret almost ruined their experience by telling them that if they went too far they would get sucked out to sea. Samantha immediately said she wasn't going in at all. Oy. But when we got there I showed them how all the other kids were playing and how far THEY were in the water, and they jumped right in and had a grand time.

Luckily, Rob had one of those mini pop-up tents, so that helped us stay longer than we might have originally. Rob and I worshipped the sun while Bret sat in the tent. Allison made a sand castle while Sam watched. As I watched them I noticed Sam looked a little tired, so I went over and asked her if she wanted to sit in the tent with her dad. She ended up falling asleep for a half hour or so.

Later, I walked along with Sam to help her find shells. Then Bret went with both girls. I did get a little podcast listening in. A couple episodes of Poddog, but mostly I liked listening to the ocean. A more perfect afternoon could not be had.

(The best way to see me in a swimsuit- from a distance!)

The girls also got their first experience with sand in uncomfortable places. When asked if they wanted ice cram first, or to go back to the hotel and shower, they both answered without thinking, "HOTEL!" Heeheee... my Arizona wimps!

So we showered, went to dinner, stopped in Balboa Park for a spell, THEN got ice cream. I swear, I will have to eat nothing but salad for a week, I've consumed so much meat these past few days. I just feel heavy, and I know I probably didn't gain much, but you know, it just sits there and you feel blah.

So now I'm sitting here scribbling while trying to get my two over-exhausted and over-sugared kids to settle. Tomorrow Rob was going to take them to the zoo and give Bret and I some time, but Bret really wants to go with them. I was hoping for some time here alone. Oh well, at least we get a little this weekend when Rob is back in Phoenix visiting his parents. I also get a short weekend when Bret takes the kids to the cabin the following weekend, so that will be wonderful. I do like going up, but I really don't have the same connection to the place that Bret does. It's easy for me to choose not to go. I've had TONS of quality time with the girls this summer, it will be good for Daddy and the girls to go. AND they get to spend time there with Nana's too!

So after the zoo tomorrow we head home. Will probably get in around 8 or 9. It was a very pleasant mini-vacation. I got alot of my thoughts centered again, which is always good. I think I just need to spend less time on the computer for the most part. It always seems to make me sort of sad now. I'm usually happier when I'm away. Then I'm not looking for people that will not be there anyway.

OK, they are finally settling, I think I will try and rest now, and get some more podcasts in. This writing thing is hard on the hand!

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