Friday, August 11, 2006

Home Alone

Well now, seems I have a quiet house this weekend. Rest of the family going off to the mountains, and I elected to stay behind. Allie and Bret leave in the morning to go and open up the cabin. She is very excited because they are taking the tent. She really wants to camp outside. We are skeptical she will make it all the way through the night, as she still sleeps with a night light, but at least there is the cabin as a back up. I'm feeling a little Mommy-guilt, but also this will be good time for Bret and the girls. He gets such little time with them, this will be good. And I get p-l-e-n-t-y.

Tomorrow night (oh dear that is actually tonight isn't it?) also happens to be open house at the school. So they are driving back down for it, then will leave with Samantha in tow to drive back up after that. Normally I wouldn't care about open house, but it's new classrooms for both of them. They have both just spent three years with the same teachers, so it's a big deal, the two of them moving on.

And I come home to a quiet house. A quiet house that OMG I really want to clean this weekend.

Of course, really wanting to do something and actually doing it are two entirely different things.

Bret asked if I would call Christine and finally see something gory and gross at the movies, since he doesn't like horror movies. Oh it's tempting.

But you know? I think I want the alone time. I might see if Inconvenient Truth is still playing. I definitely want to take a bath. A nice, long, bath that smells like vanilla and gardenia, and for once not be interrupted until the water runs cool. Heh, knowing me I will listen to podcasts.

I want to record another podcast too. I worked really hard this week on Sonic Society's podcast, to get their Firefly premiere up and out. I really didn't have any idea they would even be podcasting it until I got back from our SD trip and they called me. I thought they would strictly be running it through their other site. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It was fun editing the interview, and I think I did really well making it sound like we did talk for 15 minutes instead of 30. Then putting it all together, well, I always love that part. Making it flow.

So I didn't mind putting aside my own podcast things for the week, because I knew I would have this weekend.

Movies! I want to watch movies! Memento. I know someone who would be shocked I have not seen it yet. So I want to rent that. Henry and June. Oh that is a beautiful, sexy movie.

But maybe I'll just sleep all weekend. Mmmmm.... sleep all weekend. GOD that would really piss me off if I did that. Afterwards, anyhow. During, I certainly wouldn't care.

I let you know what I do. ;-)

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Schnugglebunnums said...

I had a whole day once, but a weekend sounds like heaven! And the trip to SD was nice, but not the same - we weren't the ones home alone!