Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Great Cutler Flood (ok leak) of 2006*

Yah, there was definitely a smell. At first Bret said sour milk. Hmm... now I definitely have horrible eating habits around the computer, but I am not a big milk-drinker. So that couldn't be it.

So I took out the trash, stuck one of those Glade Vanilla-scented oil thingys in the wall, and it was pleasant.

Until I started noticing it too. Only... it was more like... wet socks. Yah, definitely locker-room smell. On a whim I moved the chair mat under the desk, to find the carpet underneath it pretty wet. Hmmm... I don't recall spilling anything. Yes, I am pretty sloppy, but if I spill something, I tend to clean it up. Sometimes even within 24 hours. And how did it get under the mat?

So we steamed it, and let it dry. Problem solved, right?

That night I'm in the kitchen, go under the sink for something, and everything is wet. Ahhh.....
Walk back into office, explore the carpet more closely. Not just wet under the chair mat apparently.

(heeheee... 'apparently'. I always giggle now when I hear/use that word.)

Entire carpet soaked under desk. Nutshell: R/O system leak, worked way through wall into office.

Well what do you know! Time to clean the office! Everything out, carpet pulled up, used steam cleaner to suck a good amount of water from the padding.

Do you know how much dust can accumulate on the back of a computer monitor over a couple year's time? Or on the top shelf of a desk where my short ass can't see? I was sneezing for days afterwards!

Epilogue: No more musty smell, no dust on computer equipment. LOTS of papers and b/s in recycle bin. Do not think there will be any permanent damage/mold in wall.

Ah, the joys of homeownership!

*quite possibly the most boring blog entry ever written in the history of the internet...

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