Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Another year, two more grey hairs

The first year of separate parties. What absolute chaos! First Allie (she has informed us that she would like her nickname with an 'ie' versus a 'y'- Ms. Independent 9-year-old!) took a group of her friends to the movies. It ended up being pretty much a day event, with lunch and cake and presents back at the house afterwards. But they had a great time, and she enjoyed having her best friend AND her crush there with her. I think her crush enjoyed being the only male amoungst the ladies too...

Then in between was Sam's actual bday, so that had to be celebrated on the actual day with present opening at the very least, along with her choice of dinner (mmmmm.... tacos). Friday a quick breather, then Saturday was Sam's party at the pool. Same as last year. We felt sort of bad for her, her little school friends didn't show, but her friend Emily did and they had a grand time. Along with family, friends, and Uncle Rob! (Rob- thank GOD you're ok, and if you ever scare us like that again.........)

It also happened to be Allie's actual bday, so again that evening it was presents and dinner. Sunday, since Rob and the parents were still in town, we all went to Build-A-Bear to let them blow some birthday cash. They love love LOVE that place! (I do too- I so want one! I asked for one for MY birthday or Mother's Day, but I didn't get one. :-( )

It was great having my parents here, the girls always enjoy when they visit. Mom started teaching Allie how to sew. It was great, especially since I just don't have the interest or the patience to learn. So now I'll have someone to do all the sewing for me!! WooHOO!!!

So now things wind down until we go and see Uncle Rob the first week of August for a few days. The kids have not been to San Diego yet, so it should be TONS of fun!

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