Thursday, July 20, 2006

Give a gal a mic...

"Voice-acting, on the fun meter, is off the scale. You show up, you don't have to be all primped up, or dressed up. And you get to work with some amazing people, and goof off for four hours. " ~Jason Marsden

Kay... so I haven't written too much about my new voice hobby/love/obsession here. But something really cool happened, so I figured why the heck not?

Besides, I need to make up for that last entry about the water leak. Yeesh, am I really that hard up to post things on here?

So, alot of you are family, or friends that read this blog. Which is really why I have it. To have the ones I love, and who want to know what's going on with the Cutler-clan, know what's going on. Mostly about the kiddies... or an occasional political rant for the most part. But there is an audio side to me. Alter-ego, perhaps? I haven't written too much about my boyz up in Halifax and their amazing show Sonic Society. Which I ended up getting more directly involved with when I started handling their podcast of the weekly radio show back in January.

And you know? Me likey. Me really, really, likey. Sure, I love to listen, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good story. Hell, I even love a bad story at times. But editing? OMG- the tediousness of it all is FUN! Not that I have too much to do as far as editing their cast. I just need to throw in a few podcast promos, and boom I'm done. (I've gotten sort of good at that promoting thing too... I think they are up to about 600 subscribers now, and that doesn't include individual downloads of the show)

But then I got ballsy. Recorded a few promos for them. Mixed them with music and everything. THEN people started saying I sounded---- well, good. WTF?

Then I took another step, and created a podcast for my political message board, Truth Seekers. That has also received good feedback... for the most part. Encouraging enough to make me think I should give this radio idea a little more thought...

I dunno. Perhaps a journalism degree, then my own radio show? (Gee, I'm not thinking big here, am I?)

Well, the coolest thing happened this week. I took a stab at this voice-acting thing. Yeah, voice-acting. Through Sonic Society I made friends with another troop of awesome actors/writers/producers at Dream Realm Enterprises. I'm actually helping them with a fan-interview podcast for some of their productions, it's quite cool. Anyway, they are so encouraging. They nudged me gently into auditioning for a role in their Robotz series.

So I did. Sat here in the office, and belted out a couple lines while the kids were at camp.
Well, OMFG.
I got two roles out of it. Teeheeeeeeee......

Of course, my voice is going to be distorted, but hey- I'm gonna be in an audio play! How freaking cool is that? :-D

It's so neat to find a creative side that has been lying dormant for so long. AND to realize that creativity doesn't necessarily mean that I'm stuck with just musical talent. It seems to extend far beyond that. I'm having fun re-discovering this new-yet-old part of myself again.

Oh, the above quote? He's the voice of Chester on one of my fav- erm, I mean my kids favorite cartoons. (Yeah, my kids... thaaaat's it.)

He's absolutely right. It's off the scale!


Schnugglebunnums said...

"Of course, my voice is going to be distorted, but hey- I'm gonna be in an audio play! How freaking cool is that? :-D"

Very freaking cool!!

gelfling said...

I have to say it didn't take that much nudging ;)

By the way, here's another voice actor quote you might like... ;D

"I like being invisible. For me it's the perfect job for someone who's simultaneously shy and an irritating show off. "
~ Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants)