Friday, March 23, 2012

40 To 40 Day 4: On Making Memories

Last night's post from the movie theater was really just so I didn't get behind so soon in my "40 Day Series".  Now I can expand more.

I had a very sheltered childhood. I wasn't allowed to do much. I wasn't trusted, the people I had as friends were not trusted, which naturally caused me to act out in some pretty devious ways. I didn't experience a midnight movie until I was 17 or 18. That was back when they did them all the time at theaters, not just for big premieres.

My daughters all ready are out there doing so many things I that I wish I had been able to do at their age, I hope they understand just how lucky they are! That was one of my promises to them though when they first came into my life- I would do my best to give them all I didn't have, treat them with trust. I certainly don't mean spoiling them, though when I compare their childhood to my own, normal IS spoiled. And that's ok.

I want them to have these memories. I want them to remember when the big movie they have been anticipating seeing for months finally came out, they saw the very FIRST showing. I want them to look back on camping trips and vacations fondly. Hell I want them to look at the regular days fondly. When or if they have children, I would rather they use their memories as ideas because they loved it as a kid, rather than as making their children's lives better than their own.

It's your childhood that shapes who you are as an adult. I know from experience it's a lot harder to reshape yourself once your childhood is over. The memories we make together as a family are as important as anything else that will shape the women they are quickly becoming.

Try and make every day a memory to look back on and smile.

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