Monday, January 17, 2011

The newest member of the 13.1 Club

Well, that's done. My first 13.1 miles complete. What a great event, and a great day! I didn't go as fast as I had hoped, however I did keep it under 3 hours (2:52), and that was the big thing I wanted to accomplish. It's really quite different when you first get out there vs. how you play it out in your mind. At least the first time.

The one thing that put a negative on my performance was all the waiting prior. With the curve in my lower back, standing for a long period of time really hurts. As much as I tried to keep it stretched out, by the time our corral was released I was all ready in more pain than I wanted to be. Also, I should have had a throw away bottle of water. After waiting for 30 minutes (plus another 30 minutes before that at the bathroom line) by the time we began running I was thirsty, so we stopped at the first water station rather than skipping it like I had hoped. Next time I need to remember to be more hydrated prior.

The run itself went smoothly once everyone spread out from the starting line. I was hoping not to walk as much as I did, but with my back all ready tight from standing I needed to. My brother was there with me speed walking/jogging, and I am definitely grateful he was there because he kept me entertained. He also had the GPS keeping track of our splits. I have to get those from him, because the Competitor Wireless site that I signed up for was a complete fail to keep track of my time. It worked for the others I tracked, but for me it only told me when I passed the markers, not my split time. It didn't even tell me when I started! Major fail, and I also let the company know. Not all of us have the fancy gear to keep track!

At about mile 8 my entire lower half was in pain. Mile 10 was as far as both Andy and I had run before, so it was a moment to pass that marker (we high-fived it). At mile 11 Andy went off to finish the race on his own. That was cool though, honestly I expected us to just be at the race together, so I'm eternally grateful that he stayed with me through most of it.

When I hit the Mill Ave Bridge I nearly started crying. Home stretch literally. Then the last quarter mile I pushed so I could have a strong finish. I sent Bret a text at mile 12 so he knew to be ready with the camera! My back was so stiff I was hunched over after crossing, and I must have looked really bad because a medic came over to make sure I was ok. Heh, stupid back.

Had a great (and well-earned I think) celebration lunch at Monti's with my family, some of Andy's friends, and my friends Rob, Crystal and Sean, and Debbie. It meant a lot for all of them to make it down and join me in my accomplishment. Thank you all- much love! I also heard Crystal began her Couch to 5k today, so good on her!

Last night I had to keep moving around and stretching or my legs just stiffened up instantly. Today I'm feeling sore, like I did about 100 squats. But moving is easier. Oh, and I could lose a toenail. Do you put those under your pillow for the running fairy? Overall, I'm doing good, and tomorrow I think I'll take a short run to stretch my legs.

So I did it! Now that I've experienced it, I know what I need to do to improve. I do have to say that at this very moment running two of these back-to-back is not the foremost thing on my mind.

Give me a couple of days... ;-)

Waiting for me when I got home
that afternoon- flowers from my sister!


Anonymous said...

I am so freaking proud of you!!!

- Dee

Crys said...

I love to support my friends when I can. I was so happy to be there for you and our friend Tyler.

David D. said...

Congrats again! The azcentral/ results page that you can access via has gun vs. chip time, and splits for 5K, 10K, 8.5 mi, and 10 mi.

I don't think any race has the resources to put down chip mats at each mile marker; having 4 intermediate splits is about as good as it gets.

Dani said...

Oh I didn't see the splits part of the results, David! Thanks!

Dani said...

Uh, and that was 2:51- not 2:52! Every minute COUNTS. :-)