Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Rock And Roll!

So, that's it then. Training complete. Now I finally get to see what all the running, soreness, whining, complaining, and occasionally crying has done. I should be stepping over that start line around 9am.

I feel good. Confident. I know I have the endurance, I know I have the strength. I drove the course last week so I know what I'm in for and where exactly it goes. It's going to be a great run, and I'm definitely excited and not nervous.

I've said in past posts that my brother Andy is running with me. I figured it was running the race on our own, and he was going to be there at the finish line. Turns out he is literally running it with me. So I'll have company the entire time! Of course, he's 6'2" and his legs are as long as half my body. I imagine he's going to be walking a lot! I'm grateful to him for just wanting to hang out and support me, though just being in the race was enough.

I've got a few more thank yous as well.

First and foremost to my husband. Without him, there is no way I'd be able to take as much time as I did training. He was the first ear to hear me bitch and moan, but also the first one to ask me how my runs went. He's more supportive than I could ever express- I just love that man! I wish I could say that the home life will be getting back to its 1950's stereotype soon, but since it never was that way to begin with... ;-)

Kimber! If it weren't for her, I never would have discovered my love for running in the first place. Training with her is always a lot of fun, and she pushes me to be better and go further with just her presence alone. Even though she really doesn't like running, I know she was looking forward to tomorrow and is bummed she can't run (she cracked her heel just before Christmas). I'm so thankful to have her as a friend, even beyond training.

Tyler! He probably doesn't realize this, but he has also been a big inspiration to me. He contributes to the Almost Barefoot blog, among many other blogs (just go to and see all that he does). Reading his stories and seeing how he pushes himself helped push me, along with the advice here and there via Twitter and Facebook. It meant more than he knows. :-)

And of course to everyone reading- thank you for your comments, messages, and support as you read my progress here and over on Facebook. They say blogging is a lonely medium, but I know it's not.

Ok enough mush and sentiment. I have had my plateful of pasta, now it's time to chillax and hopefully be rested so I can kill it tomorrow!

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Rob Weis said...

Good luck with your run, Mrs. Cutler! Hoping to hear good results from Allison on Tuesday!