Friday, January 07, 2011

You are important because...

Yesterday I was having a downer day, and after a little self-reflection I realized something.

I'm not afraid of rejection. I'm afraid of acceptance.

Wrap your mind around that one! Anway, I was reading a post from Be More With Less, and I liked this bit and wanted to share.

* You made someone smile today.
* You chose to love instead of judge.
* You said a bedtime prayer with your child.
* You are perfectly flawed.
* You helped someone that was helpless.
* You left a legacy of love.
* You made soup for your family or just for you.
* You see the mosaic of life’s architecture.
* You took the blame because you knew the solution was more important.
* You have a plan without a plan.
* You didn’t care about being right.
* You asked for love.
* You made a decision based on fact instead of fear.
* You chose to love more deeply.
* You threw caution to the wind and followed your heart.
* You fed someone.


Anonymous said...

Dani, Just want to let you know I'm reading. :)

Danielle said...

Um, thanks, Anonymous!