Monday, October 25, 2010

Lather, Rinse, REPEAT

So I'm re-reading the post from last week and just laughing. I didn't do ANYTHING I said I would do. Not worry about speed? Ha. Focus and stay positive? Yeah, whatever. THIS past week has been the worst so far- and I'll tell you why right after we look at the stats:

Miles: 15.37 Comments: 5
Time: 05:51 Motivations: 3
Calories: 2970 Among Friends: 6
Workouts: 8
Had a total break down Tuesday. I was all ready off my game Monday when I did my cross-training. I just didn't feel right. So we get to Tuesday, and it's busy at the gym and it's difficult to get my weight training complete because I have to keep finding alternatives to my normal routine. Which throws me off. Then I find a treadmill, but now it's late and I have to leave early because of half-days at school.

Screw up number 1: Only warm up for 3 minutes.

The lady on the treadmill next to me is strolling (I'm serious- I looked at her speed and it was a 3.0. ) while chatting on her cell phone. Loudly. And for some reason her head is turned in my direction, so it's like she's talking to me. I have the iPod at full blast, and am really trying to focus, but this laugh- this CACKLE- was driving me bananas. It was one of those moments I wish I could be rude and say "DO YOU MIND?" So I try to tune her out and start running.

Screw up number 2: Trying to run an entire mile at my fastest speed- the whole mile.

After a half mile I was spent. From there it all went downhill, and at around a mile and a quarter I quit. Gave a final glare to Chatty Kathy, and walked away. Sat down at the tables, and started crying. I must have looked completely crazy to the employees at the gym. I just lost it. Then I gained a little composure, walked to the van, and broke down one more time, feeling like a complete failure.

I really have no clue what I'm doing. I'm just thankful I have a network of people who DO know what they are doing, so I can get back on track. Kimber and others have been telling me for weeks that the important thing is to run and not stop, not run as fast as I can. But I hear "sprint" and I automatically think "run as fast as you can". So, I'm done with the term "sprint". I'm calling them repeats, because that is what I need to do. Repeat the interval, at a pace where I'm working hard, but not killing myself. Funny how it sounds, I need to slow down in order to run faster.

So the rest of the week was mediocre. I went back the next day and did repeats but took it slower, and felt better about it. Got back on the saddle, so to speak. My Thursday run went well, but I stopped a couple of miles short due to a pulling up my thigh.

Sunday was the long run, and it was my best run this week. Upped it to 7 miles, and it hurt, but it was still a good run. I'm proud of how I did. The weather also cooperated, so I enjoyed it immensely. It reminded me that this is exactly why I run.

This week I'm centered and ready to have a whole new attitude towards my training. Here's the plan:

Key Run #1: 2- 1200m REPEATS; 4- 800m REPEATS; 2 min rest intervals
Key Run #2: 1 mile easy, 2 miles Medium Tempo; repeat; then 1 mile easy
Key Run #3: 8 miles half-marathon pace + 20 seconds/mile.

Keep moving forward. Repeat.

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