Monday, October 18, 2010

Get 'cha head in the game!

The beginning of last week was really hard mentally. I like being a loner when it comes to training, but only in the work. I like the motivation of having someone around to help me push myself. This is why I don't really like exercise classes. Everyone prancing around, doing the same thing, that annoys me. You don't have to do that with running and weight training, and I like that better. You can be individual even if you're doing the same thing.

Well, it makes sense in my head, anyway.

Last week recap:
Miles: 15.39 Comments: 0
Time: 05:22 Motivations: 0
Calories: 2709 Among Friends: 5
Workouts: 7

Sprints felt pretty good this week. The idea of not worrying so much about my sprint speed really helps. The second Key run this week however- ug. Since I'm now incorporating outside runs into the training, I'm doing the second run on the treadmill but at an incline for a more realistic feel. It hurt so much, and I kept stopping. Which would annoy me, so I'd get frustrated and stop more. And it all went downhill from there. I'm not very good at self-motivating.

The weekend long run was very nice however. I focused more on my strides and making them longer, and if I had to walk that was fine. I also made sure I kept my walk at a good pace versus strolling. My time was faster because of it. Now, I'm not too concerned about time, but I do want to be faster than 14:30! A speed-walker would pass me at that pace. It still got really hot by the end of the run, but I felt good and not as wasted as the week before. I'm looking forward to the long runs now, this week I'm adding a mile. I want to explore a little more of the canal trail!

So, the plan for this week is:

Key Run #1: 3 ONE MILE SPRINTS! I've all ready been told I won't be able to do them. Yeah, well watch me.
Key Run #2: 6 miles at long tempo pace (12:15 or so)
Key Run #3: 7 miles half-marathon pace + 30 seconds/mile

I'm just taking it all in stride, focusing on getting used to running. The rest will take care of itself. My goal is finish the course, and I think if I hit 10 miles, I will pretty much have that in the bag. Mentally I'm my own worst enemy, so I just have to stay focused and positive.

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