Tuesday, August 09, 2005

TiVo enters my world

OK... so we changed satellite providers. Husband found a deal. I've learned after 12 years of marriage with this man, that, when he finds a deal that will save money, you do not question. You WILL save money. And if I had a nickel for every time I doubted... ok I would have like 20 cents. ;-)

So my butt is up for the installer dude, who thank goodness comes promptly at 8am rather than me waiting around all morning. He puts it all together, then gives me the crash course in using the remote. Channels.. guide.. blah blah blah-

"Now if you want to record something you are currently watching, you can just press this button, and have it record either on the main tv, or upstairs on the bedroom tv."

Ooh. Nice...

Then he shows me the finer points of pausing live tv, and how when the TV isn't live, you can fast forward right through the commercials.

Oooohhh... me likey....

So he leaves, and my kids ask me to put on some cartoons for them. I find the channel, and show them the pause button.

For the rest of the day this is what I hear:

"Pause it! I have to leave the room!"

"Pause it! I have to go to the bathroom!"

"Pause it!"

It seems my kids likey too..

Me? I'm just happy that I finally got my HBO from a previous deal with my husband. I said I would stop my Stephen King book-of-the-month club (I had been replacing all my paperbacks with hardback copies of his books- I'm so proud of my collection!) if I could get movie channels on the tele.

I stopped my membership about a year ago.

Heh. Told you he knows how to save money.

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Schnugglebunnums said...

Heh - TiVo rocks! :-)